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Xtreme Motor Instructions

The controls of Xtreme Motor is very similar to most bike games out there - directional keys for the win! Use the up directional key to accelerate and move where your bike is facing. The left and right buttons, on the other hand, is for leaning and tilting your motorcycle. For switching directions, you need to hit the space bar button. That's about it for the controls. Let's check out the game...

Xtreme Motor Walkthrough

The goal in this BMX game is pretty straightforward - you need to show off your motorbike skills and collect those photo moments before heading to the exit. To get those photo moments, you need to grab those picture icons scattered all over the stage.

Needless to say, these icons, power ups, items, or whatever you call them are placed in locations where you need to over extend if you will... places where you need to pull off stunts just to get to them. Each of the 25 levels have these photo moment icons. You can see how many of them you need to collect by checking out the top right portion of your screen.

YES, you have read that right. This game comes with 25 different levels. That means hours of fun... if pulling off BMX stunts is your thing. Another thing I really like about the game is that it comes with in game tutorials and game tips. No need for pressing Alt+Tab just to check out this guide. Everything can be found in game... just make sure you ready them.

Aside from that, there's nothing really new about the game... BUT who needs new stuff when the good and old idea of pulling off stunts and getting points for it is good enough to get bike games fans ecstatic? Anyway, if that's your cup of tea, this game is a nice and excellent recommendation.

By the way, there are no life bars here. Once you flip, that's about it. You need to start the level again. You have a couple of lives to begin with though... just don't crash and burn always which will send those lives down the drain and spell game over for you. So what on earth are you waiting for? Give the game a shot and tell me what you think!