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X Stunt Bike Instructions

The control scheme of X Stunt Bike is not that complicated... it's very much identical with other biking games. For controlling the bike, you will need your keyboard's directional keys. Use the up and down arrow keys to move and accelerate towards the right and left (accordingly). These buttons also affect the drift of the bike. The left and right directional keys, on the other hand, are used for spinning the bike. Hold on to either buttons to pull off 360s while in mid air and to keep your BMX bike in perfect balance so you don't crash. Pressing either the left and right buttons for too long will cause your bike to flip, which is NOT a good thing. The Stunts And Tricks: this is where things get a little tricky. To attempt tricks, you need to use the Z, X, C, V, B, and N buttons on the keyboard. Warning: never ever press this button while you and your bike is on the ground. Do that and it's an automatic crash... taking off one life. Do that over and over again (you only have 5 lives at your disposal) and it's game over for you.

X Stunt Bike Walkthrough

The goal in X Stunt Bike is pretty straightforward - you need to take part in X Stunt Bike Game tournaments (there are 8 levels and tournaments to take part in). All of the other levels in the game are locked... except for the first one. To unlock the next ones, play the current one and finish it.. There are no races... nah, instead you need to do tricks to get enough cash and get to the next tournament.

Let me remind you though - the tournaments here have a fee. Not only the next level is harder than the previous one... the entry fee is also more expensive. You only have $900 at your disposal at the beginning of the game. Use it wisely! Use it for upgrades - you can beef up your engine, increase your bike's aerodynamics, reduce the weight, grab a new bike (which is really expensive), BUT keep in mind one thing: always leave something at the pot to make sure you can join the next tournament.

Onto the game itself, the tournament's are timed - you usually have 2 minutes to do your thing and perform tricks. For successful tricks you have performed, you gain cash and admiration of the crowd. Also, there are dollars and other power ups you can collect within the tournament. Just don't get carried away with power up and dollar grabbing... they are placed up in the air and you can easily find yourself crashing. You only have 5 lives - always keep that in mind. If you run out of lives, it's game over for you.

Landing is very unforgiving so you better make sure you are in total control before you pull off stunts and 360s. All in all, this is a NICE BMX bike game where the emphasis is on stunts rather than finishing first. If that's your cup of tea, X Stunt Bike is a game you should check out.