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Uphill Rush 4 Instructions

Uphill Rush 4 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to move forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys lean left and right. The spacebar is used to jump and perform stunts. Press the X key to activate your turbo boost.

Uphill Rush 4 Walkthrough

Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth game in the Uphill Rush series of extreme sports games. Uphill Rush 4 features six cups of three courses each, two gameplay modes, and high-paced gameplay.

Uphill Rush 4 features two modes of gameplay: Time Trial and Race. The objective of Time Trial Mode is to complete each course before time runes out. In Race Mode, you must compete against computer-controlled opponents and win the race. If you crash, you will lose one life. If you pass a checkpoint, you will respawn at the checkpoint rather than at the beginning of the course after crashing. When all lives are lost, the game is over. Your progress is automatically saved in this sports game, so any vehicles that you buy, trophies that you win, or courses that you unlock will be available the next time that you play.

Uphill Rush 4 continues the tradition of the Uphill Rush series. Instead of only controlling motorcycles, you control a wide variety of vehicles including skateboards, motorboats, and even rubber dinghies! The controls of this game are standard bike game fare, however. The up and down arrow keys move forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys rotate. The spacebar is used to jump and to perform stunts. Finally, the X key is used to activate your turbo boost. The turbo boost is especially helpful to surpass opponents in Race Mode.

Uphill Rush 4 features a wide variety of vehicles, many of which seem completely out of place. It may seem strange to take a horse to a motorcycle race, for example, but don't be fooled; real horsepower can win races! As a general rule, the more expensive a vehicle is, the better it will perform in this racing game. Money is earned by collecting piles of cash on courses and by performing tricks. Save up your funds and try to buy the most expensive vehicles available to crush the competition!

Uphill Rush 4 is a delightful sports game with zany humor, colorful graphics, and outstanding gameplay. Although it is not a true bike game, fans of the genre will still enjoy it for its similar gameplay!