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Uphill Rush 3 Instructions

The controls of Uphill Rush 3 is still quite identical to the previous installments of this BMX bike games - for the most part, you will use your directional keys. Hit the up arrow key to accelerate and move forward, the left and right arrow keys are for leaning, and in case you need to slow down, hit the down arrow key. For stunts, all you have to do is press the space bar button. Your rider will perform a wide array of stunts whether you are in mid air, racing through ramps, and what have you. Some like the omission of the different stunt keys (it used to be number keys 1 to 5), while some think this watered down the adventure. For me, it's NOT much of a deal. By the way, once your nitro is all filled up, just press X and watch your rider set the road on fire! Have fun with one of the best BMX bike games!

Uphill Rush 3 Walkthrough

The goal in this game is still the same with most BMX bike games and previous installments of Uphill Rush - race through the tracks, get a boost from ramps, go through loops, do crazy stunts, and everything else... just keep in mind one thing: keep your rider in one piece. Do NOT flip or you need to start again.

There are no life bars in this game... BUT you have 5 lives to begin with. Now, those five lives run out pretty fast especially if you are NOT careful. There are 2 categories of races here - we have the cup where you will do your usual thing - finish the track, collect cash for upgrades, etc., and we also have the time trial where you need to beat the clock.

For each of the cup and time trial levels, you will find easy, normal, and hard race tracks. Just like in Uphill Rush 2 and other bike games of the same nature, the difficulty between the levels ramps up A LOT so you better be ready. The cash in the tracks...always keep your eyes on them and grab them whenever you can. You need them for upgrades.

Upgrades: There are different upgrades and customization options available at your disposal. You can choose the skin color of your character, pick its gender, and choose your over all get up. It's all up to you. Just make sure you have enough cash for it. You can even pick your ride - you can go for the usual motorcycle, grab a skateboard, use a horse, and even grab a cow for your ride!

Now, I haven't tried the cow yet. I figured it will be slow like turtle BUT stable enough. It's $75000 though... pretty expensive for a cow.

Summing it all up, if you are looking for racing and bike games that are pretty exciting, action packed, and comes with excellent customization options, the third installment of Uphill Rush is a game you should check out.