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Uphill Rush 2 Instructions

The controls of Uphill Rush 2 isn't different at all from the prequel or from most BMX bike games for that matter. For the most part, you will use the directional / arrow keys. Hit the up directional key to speed up your bike. To slow down and go on reverse, just press and hold on to the down directional key. The left and right arrow keys are for making your rider lean. Just don't hold on to those buttons for too long... or else, your biker will flip and you need to start from the nearest checkpoint you have gone through. Need to jump? No problem, just press the Space Bar button. By the way, you have special stunts at your disposal in this BMX bike game. Just press and hold on to 1, 2, 3, and / or 4 number keys. Performing stunts (especially that famed 360) will eventually fill up your Nitro Power. Once it's all filled up and you want to rev up your speed, just press 5 number key. That's about it for the controls. Now let's take a closer look at the game...

Uphill Rush 2 Walkthrough

So you are a huge fan of Uphill Rush? Want more and can't get enough of bike games? No BIGGIE, the creators of Uphill Rush are back with an even better, more glittery, better looking game that comes with better customization options - Uphill Rush 2!

The objective of the game stays the same - you need to race through different tracks using a motorbike. YES, this time, it's strictly a motorbike. Unlike in the prequel where there are different cups with different vehicles to manage (bikes, quads, skateboards, and those are just to name a few), Uphill Rush 2 is strictly a BMX game.

Every level in this game comes with 3 modes - Easy, Normal, and Difficult, and each of these modes have 3 laps and race tracks. Most of the action takes place at the rails of a roller coaster...which is kind of odd. I was expecting more of uphill action. Anyway, it's just as fun. BUT you need to keep one important thing in mind: the difficulty level between the modes ramp up quite fast. If you find the easy mode a piece of cake, the normal mode will give you quite a hard time and you can only imagine at what awaits you in the difficult mode.

BUT no matter what the difficulty, remember, don't let your rider hit the ground. Perform stunts - do Supermans, 360s, and everything else in between while you are in mid air. Just make sure you get a safe landing.

Fail to do that and you need to start again... from the nearest checkpoint. There are no life bars BUT you do have 5 lives at your disposal. Collect those coins along the way to buy new bikes, dress up your rider with better apparel, and what have you.

Better looking, more customization, more stunts to perform, and with the same exciting gameplay - this is Uphill Rush 2!