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Uphill Rush Instructions

The controls of Uphill Rush is pretty straightforward and standard... like most bike games. For the most part, you will use your arrow keys to control your biker. Hit the up directional key to accelerate. If you need to slow down, brake or go reverse to try and get some momentum, the down directional key is the button to press. To lean to the right, hit the right directional key and hit left to lean on the other side. Be careful though, holding on to either the left and right button will make your bike and rider flip. There are many ramps in every level. To take advantage of it and cover more distance, jump by pressing the Space Bar button. And keep an eye on the turbo bar. Fill it up and you should finish a lap twice as fast. To fill it, do a 360, which is kind of hard to do if you're a newbie.

Uphill Rush Walkthrough

BMX games, this genre has been known for being a lot of fun BUT not too complicated - no mind boggling puzzles, no hard to fathom background stories, none whatsoever. Uphill Rush is a BMX Bike Game that will keep you on the edge of your seats if racing through hills, performing stunts, etc. is your cup of tea.

The objective of this cool BMX game is to race your bike over the hills and all sorts of obstacles... WITHOUT falling. There are no life bars. Flip and you need to restart the level. You have 5 lives to begin with though... BUT for newbies, especially those whose reflexes aren't that good (just like me), 5 lives isn't enough to finish a level. I found myself starting over and over again - ON THE FIRST STAGE!

Anyway, the game comes with 10 levels and 5 cups - motorcycle cup, skateboard, quad, monster truck cups, and special cups. You see, this isn't one of your average BMX bike games. The downside with BMX bike games is that they don't offer a lot of replay value.

Once you finish the game, that's about it. BUT not Uphill Rush. You see, every level in every cup of Uphill Rush comes with unlockable modes - Normal and Difficult... giving you more reasons to play the game, more obstacles and challenges to overcome, and more hours of fun.

Alright, playing is much more fun than reading. So why are you still on this page? If you are on the hunt for BMX bike games (and MORE) that will keep you thrilled for hours, with unlockable levels... bike games that will twist your fingers in your effort to pull off those 360s, Uphill Rush is an excellent recommendation. You should try it out.