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Turbo Spirit Gold Instructions

Turbo Spirit Gold is controlled by using either the keyboard or the mouse. When using the keyboard, the up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes, and the left and right arrow keys steer. When using the mouse, hold the left mouse button to accelerate and steer by moving your mouse. You can select which control device you want to use in the options menu before each race.

Turbo Spirit Gold Walkthrough

Turbo Spirit Gold is a motorcycle game and the sequel to Turbo Spirit. Turbo Spirit Gold features improved graphics, additional mouse controls, and actual placing in the races. Like its predecessor, Turbo Spirit Gold's gameplay is similar to Sega's arcade classic, Hang-On.

The primary objective of Turbo Spirit Gold is to complete all of the tracks. Each track in this bike game has five checkpoints, and passing through each checkpoint gives you an additional thirty seconds to complete the track. The race ends prematurely if you run out of time. Unlike the first Turbo Spirit, however, this bike game allows you to retry tracks that you have failed to complete. There are three tracks in the Flash version of the game.

Unlike the first Turbo Spirit, Turbo Spirit Gold has placing in the race. You are in competition with six AI-controlled racers, and like most racing games, the computer-controlled drivers have an easier time navigating the track. Don't be upset if you don't place first on every track; just try to complete the track since that is your main objective. Beating the other racers is a great secondary objective and can provide an additional challenge once you've mastered each track.

In order to complete each track in time (and hopefully place respectably in the race as well), you will need to stay on the track's surface. When making turns, slow down a bit, but throttle up on the straightaways. Also, if you can manage to start making your turn before the track actually begins to curve, then it will be easier to avoid drifting off-road.

The in-game instructions of Turbo Spirit Gold suggests you to use the mouse controls, but I still prefer using the keyboard. Mouse control is simpler and may allow smoother steering for some players, but using the keyboard allows finer control of acceleration and braking. You can change your control scheme before each race by clicking the button that contains two gears.

If you enjoyed the first Turbo Spirit, then you will love Turbo Spirit Gold. Turbo Spirit Gold is an outstanding motorcycle game for gamers that love high-speed thrills. The Flash version of Turbo Spirit Gold does not contain all eight tracks, but the three tracks offered here will still give you a taste of this bike game's challenging gameplay!