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Turbo Spirit Instructions

Turbo Spirit is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes, and the left and right arrow keys steer.

Turbo Spirit Walkthrough

Turbo Spirit is a Flash motorcycle game reminiscent of Sega's classic motorcycle racing game, Hang-On. Turbo Spirit features pseudo-3D scaling graphics, easy controls, four tracks, and straightforward gameplay.

The objective of Turbo Spirit is to complete each of the four tracks. Each track in this bike game has five checkpoints, and you are given thirty seconds to make it from each checkpoint to the next. Successfully completing a track rewards you with 50,000 bonus points. If you run out of time, the race will end prematurely and you will miss out on your bonus. Unfortunately, you will not be able to retry tracks that you do not complete, and you will be stuck with that score until you start a new game or complete all four of the tracks.

Although there are AI-controlled motorists present in Turbo Spirit, you do not have to worry about beating them. Your objective in this motorcycle game is not to win the race, but simply to complete it. Although your goal isn't to beat the other racers, I still advise you to pass them up if you can, since they will get in your way and crashing into them slows you down.

If you want to make it to each checkpoint in time, you will need to avoid colliding with other racers and you will need to stay on the track. It may be a good idea to slow down a bit on sharp turns in this motorcycle game, but be ready to accelerate to full speed again on straightaways to make up for lost time. Pay close attention to the road signs, because they indicate when you are approaching a turn. I advise you to start your turn as soon as you see the sign if you want to stay on the track.

If you run out of time just a few inches away from a checkpoint in Turbo Spirit, do not despair. It is best to keep your finger on the up arrow key until you are taken to the statistics screen. Your motor cycle may have enough speed left to cruise through the checkpoint even when your thirty seconds have ended in this bike game, and you will certainly want to be ready to get back in the race.

Turbo Spirit is a bike game that captures the spirit of arcade-style motorcycle games. If you want to relive the rush of Hang-On and don't mind the lack of the arcade game's motorcycle handlebars (unless you have the peripheral yourself), then Turbo Spirit is just the bike game for you!