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Trial Bike Pro Instructions

Use the up arrow key to move forward. Use the down arrow key to move backward. Use the left arrow key to lean back on your bike. Use the right arrow key to move forward on your bike. Use 'space' to turn your bike in the opposite direction.

Trial Bike Pro Walkthrough

In Trial Bike Pro the object is simple - get through the junk yard to the finish line and avoid crashing. It is a bit more difficult in practice though. Throughout the game you are presented with a variety of obstacles you would expect to find in a junk yard - old tires, cars, trucks, vans and things of that nature - which you will need to ride over to get to the other side. It takes a little bit of skill to get through the courses, but the fun you'll have trying makes it worth it.

Trial Bike Pro is one of the better BMX bike games out there for newcomers to the genre and seasoned veternas alike. It's not overly difficult, but it's not easy either, so it's a great game to play to get used to the controls almost every BMX bike game uses. The graphics in this game are great, similar to the graphics in Spring Bike and Construction Yard Bike, but don't really distract you from game play like they do in other games. The backgrounds are nice to look at but aren't overly complex so you don't confuse something in the background for an obstacle you need to navigate around as often.

Trial Bike Pro does not throw the difficult challenges at you that other BMX bike games do, but the challenges it does provide are enough to keep the game interesting and fun. The game is hard enough to satisfy veteran players of this genre game, but not so hard that beginners will give up after a few crashes. The save points that are placed throughout each level prevent the game from becoming too frustrating and predictable and allow you the chance to tackle a difficult obstacle as many times as you need to in order to conquer it.

Unlike the similar BMX bike games mentioned earlier, you will need to rely on leaning back or leaning forward on your bike while navigating obstacles in Trial Bike Pro. This can make the game a little more tricky if you're not paying close attention to the obstacles. If it's a steep incline, you'll need to lean forward on the bike while still moving forward. Once you've cleared the obstacle, however, stop leaning or lean back for a moment or you'll flip the bike forward. If it's a steep decline, lean back with the same rules. If you keep leaning back to long, you'll flip the bike backward.

Trial Bike Pro is an excellent game with very few flaws. It is engrossing, entertaining and great looking. It's everything a BMX bike game should be. For those that have a little more experience with this type of game and find it a little too easy in the beginning, stick with it. Around level four things start to get a little more difficult and the difficulty increases with each level from there. You'll easily fly through the first three levels at least, but you'll find the challenge you want after that.