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TG Motocross 2 Instructions

TG Motocross 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate and to brake and reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys lean your rider and tilt your bike backwards and forwards. The P key is used to pause the game.

TG Motocross 2 Walkthrough

TG Motocross 2 is the sequel to TG Motocross. This motorcycle game features superior graphics and smoother controls than those of its predecessor.

The objective of TG Motocross 2 is to complete each stage without crashing. There are seven stages in total. This motorcycle game starts you out with three lives. If you crash, you will lose a life and have to start the level from its beginning. If you lose all three of your lives before completing the game, then the game is lost and you will have to start over from the beginning. Your progress is not saved.

TG Motocross 2 uses the keyboard as a control device and features a simplistic control scheme. If you are familiar with motorcycle games of this type, then learning the controls will not be difficult. The up arrow key is used to accelerate, the down arrow key is used to brake and reverse, and the left and right arrow keys tilt your bike. It is a good idea to lean forward when climbing steep hills and to lean back on relatively flat terrain (there isn't much completely flat terrain in this motorcycle game) to gain extra speed if you need it.

TG Motocross 2 utilizes a minimap in the upper-right corner of the screen to display upcoming terrain. The white dot indicates your location. Use the minimap to plan your actions in this motorcycle game, such as speeding up to cross gaps or slowing down to avoid tipping over on bumpy terrain. The finish line is not marked on the minimap, but you will be able to tell when you are approaching it because the minimap will stop scrolling across the terrain and the white dot representing your bike will begin moving to the right.

TG Motocross 2 is a solid motorcycle game where patience is the key to success. Remember that levels do not have time limits, but you are limited to three lives to complete all seven levels, so take all of the time that you need. If you enjoy motocross games and have the time to play through the entire game in one sitting, then give TG Motocross 2 a run today!