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Stunt Master Instructions

Run or accelerate with the up arrow key. Jump, perform a wheelie, or use nitro with 'space'. Redo a stunt using 'r'.

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In the world of BMX games, Stunt Master is about as good as it gets. There's lots of action, lots of destruction and plenty of challenge for any fan of the genre regardless of their skill or experience level. This is far from your typical BMX game though. It stays true enough to the format popular with many BMX game fans but goes above and beyond by greatly expanding on that premise and creating a game that really appeals to everyone. With three different vehicles to choose from, several bonuses you can collect and tons of achievements to unlock, this one really offers something for game fans of any experience level and any genre.

The basic premise of Stunt Master is pretty simple to understand. You are a stunt man filming stunts for a movie. You begin at the starting point on the left side of the screen and need to make it to the finish line where the cameras are filming the action. You can only move forward - not left and right and not backwards. This is important to remember and is one of the things that really sets this game apart from most of the other BMX games online. What this basically means is that if you hit an obstacle and can't move forward, you need to restart the stunt. Try to avoid getting yourself into this position by carefully paying attention to the preview of the track you're giving at the start of each level. Although you may be tempted to skip it, that preview gives you a valuable look at what you'll be up against allowing you to choose the best vehicle to not only complete the stunt but also to unlock the achievements for each level.

The three vehicles you are given to choose from in Stunt Master are by far the most unique thing about this game. Instead of just giving you a bike to ride you have the choice of the bike (Bike Bandit), the car (Mustang Mayhem) or your own two feet (Running Man). All three offer their own strengths and weakness which is why its so important to watch that track preview and look at the achievements you can unlock in each level. The Running Man is pretty straightforward. He has two basic functions - run and jump. In some levels, though, that's exactly what you need to get those achievements. The Running Man is especially useful for achievements that require breaking or injuring every part of the body because, quite frankly, it's a lot easier to hurt the poor guy without anything protecting him. The Bike Bandit is fast but fragile. You can use 'space' to perform wheelies on the bike or to control the bike while you're in the air. This one's great for anything that requires a lot of speed, a lot of height or a lot of damage. The Mustang Mayhem is a bit slower than the bike, but it is also capable of causing the most damage because it isn't destroyed as easily as the bike. You can use nitro to give the car a decent speed boost which will give you a lot more height off of jumps.

The bonuses in Stunt Master are pretty easy to understand but they're also not necessary to get through the game. If you're looking to get a high score, it's definitely a good idea to collect as many bonuses as you can. In many cases, this will also help you unlock achievements. The bonuses are basically separated into four categories; breaking objects, breaking bones, hitting targets and getting air. There are several breakable objects located throughout each level such as panes of glass, barrels, boards and things of that nature. Breaking bones is pretty self explanatory. This is one of the only BMX games online that actually rewards crashing. The more injured you are, the more points you get. When you break a bone the broken part of the body will turn red. For example, if you suddenly notice your stunt man has a red arm, that means he has broken his arm. Targets are also pretty clear. Targets are the red and white target icons you'll see throughout the game. Drive or run over the targets to get the bonus. Keep in mind, flying in the air over the target does not count. You must actually touch the target with your vehicle to collect it. Getting air is pretty easy to do as well. Get a little speed build up before you hit a ramp and you'll get air. The longer you're in the air, the better.

For newcomers, bonuses might be a little too much to take on in Stunt Master because in some of the later levels, even getting through the track is going to be difficult. Keep in mind, some of the achievements you can unlock for each level will require you to collect a certain number of bonuses. Achievements also aren't required to pass to the next level, but like bonuses, will award you significant bonus point. Newcomers shouldn't worry about getting a high score when they first begin playing. It's far more important to focus on getting the hang of the game and getting used to the controls. Once you're a little better at just reaching the finish line, you can start worrying about bonuses and achievements. More experienced players, on the other hand, are going to love the achievements and the bonuses because it will help them accumulate more points to get a better overall score at the end of the game.

Overall, Stunt Master is a great BMX game because it chooses to do things a little differently. You aren't just given a bike and a track. You have three vehicles and some of the most complicated tracks in the genre. The graphics are great in this game which fits perfectly in a game this loaded with action. While it is a challenging game, it's hard to feel frustrated simply because it's so much fun. While you may have to retry the same stunt several times, it's a lot of fun each time. If you are a fan of BMX games, action games or just fun games that let you destroy things and cause a lot of mayhem, this definitely isn't a game you should pass up.