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Stunt Biker Instructions

Move forward using up arrow key. Move backward using down arrow key. Lean forward on bike using right arrow key. Lean back on bike using left arrow key. Jump with the shift button. Break with the control button.

Stunt Biker Walkthrough

In Stunt Biker you begin the game as an ordinary biker going through school to become a stunt biker. As the game progresses, you will audition for jobs, film scenes as part of your new stunt biking career. The basic object of the game is to navigate from the starting point to the finish point avoiding any number of obstacles in your way. You will need to ride over ramps, jump over small obstacles and perform various tasks all while trying to avoid crashing. This is no easy job, but what would the movies be without the dedicated stunt men taking on the dangerous jobs the actors can't do. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Stunt Biker isn't the most difficult game BMX bike game out there, but it definitely provides enough challenge to keep the game interesting. The great thing about this game is that you get interested in the story. You want the biker to get the next job. You want him to do a good job in front of the camera. You feel a little bad when you direct him poorly and crash his bike leaving him a bloody biker mess on the track. It isn't always easy to avoid that, but with a little time and effort, even the novice player can get a handle on this game.

The obstacles in Stunk Biker can be a bit tricky to navigate, particularly in later levels, but players experienced with BMX bike games will likely have minimal difficulty handling the task. For that reason, advanced players may want to look elsewhere if they are looking for a real challenge. Advanced players will still enjoy the game if they are just looking for a fun game to kill a little time with that isn't too easy to be entertaining. Beginners will likely have a little more difficulty, but won't find the game so hard they don't want to continue playing. Stunt Biker is a great game for the beginner that is interested in BMX bike games but is having trouble mastering the controls in the more complex games yet finds easier games too boring. This is a great game for the beginner that wants a good challenge without getting completely fed up with games that aren't in their skill set while learning how to navigate with the controls standard in a BMX bike game.

Overall, Stunt Biker is a great game for just about everyone; from the beginner looking for a challenge to the advanced player looking for a way to kill a little time. The graphics aren't overly complicated and distracting and the game runs smoothly even on slower computers. If nothing else, this game is worth a quick play even if you decide it's not what you're looking for beyond that.