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Stunt Bike Pro Instructions

Move forward using the up arrow key. Move backward using the down arrow key. Lean back on your bike by pressing the left arrow key. Lean forward on your bike by pressing the right arrow key.

Stunt Bike Pro Walkthrough

Stunt Bike Pro is much like many of the other BMX bike games out there, but it is a bit more challenging in that you really have to take advantage of leaning forward and back on your bike to navigate obstacles instead of simply to balance your bike. Without leaning back properly, you'll crash and have to start from the beginning of the level.

The best thing about Stunt Bike Pro is the fact that it is quite challenging for a BMX bike game. Many people who like this genre have gotten used to games playing a certain way - you have to get over the obstacles at the right speed and lean back or forward to balance your bike when you land or while in the air for a smoother landing. With this game, you need to lean back far enough on the bike to get onto the obstacle in the first place and then lean forward enough to keep yourself from falling back down. Speed still plays an important factor as if you try to attempt all this delicate balancing work too quickly, you're going to crash anyway. The good thing is, it's fairly easy to recover if you catch your fall soon enough.

You are given two different vehicles to start with in Stunt Bike Pro - both of which offer their own advantages and disadvantages. The BMX bike offers speed and agility, while the ATV is harder to flip over and a little easier to control. The key is to know which vehicle works best for which level. In some levels, you will need the stability of the ATV to get over obstacles that will flip the BMX bike while in others, you will need the speed and agility of the bike to get over gaps in obstacles the ATV won't be able to clear. As you progress in the game you will unlock more vehicles which can greatly help you navigate through the game. Each vehicle you unlock offers a new benefit from greater control to improved balance or stability. Make sure you take advantage of the different vehicles. You won't be able to get through the game without them.

Stunt Bike Pro is definitely not for beginners. In fact, even some BMX bike game veterans who fancy themselves skilled will find this game extremely challenging. With a little bit of practice, though, this game is beatable. Just make sure you have a steady supply of patience because you'll definitely need it. This game can be ridiculously frustrating, endlessly challenging and extremely addictive. There may be times you swear off this one forever only to find yourself wrestling with it again a few minutes later. Stunt Bike Pro is one of the better BMX bike games out there if you have the nerves to tackle it.