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Stunt Bike Draw 3 Instructions

Draw jumps and landing ramps with the line and brush tools in designated areas. Use the WASD or arrow keys to control your bike and scroll the map - W, S, and the up and down arrow keys will control your acceleration and brakes, while A, D, and the left and right arrow keys will control which way your biker leans. Use the Z, X, and C keys to perform tricks while mid-air for extra points.

Stunt Bike Draw 3 Walkthrough

Stunt Bike Draw 3 is the third game in the Stunt Bike Draw series, and it does not disappoint by any means. Unlike most bike games, you'll be drawing the jumps and ramps you land on in this game, so you have no one to blame but yourself when you can't complete a level.

You'll begin each level by drawing in the designated space - there will be signs that tell you where to draw. After drawing a jump to launch your biker, you'll have to draw a ramp that will allow him to land, otherwise he'll just blow up on impact with the ground, and you'll have to retry the level all over again.

The line tool will allow you to draw ramps in straight lines, while the brush tool will allow you to build jumps and ramps that curve. Use these, and after you think you have the necessary jumps, you can start the level by pressing the spacebar. When you hear the dirt bike start up, you'll be able to control your drive with either the arrow or WASD keys, and try to complete the jump.

Usually in each level there will be some kind of obstacle in the middle, so make sure each ramp you build is sufficient enough to make it over - and sufficient enough to grab bonus coins in mid-air. Besides snagging bonus coins for extra points, try to perform tricks as well, with the Z, X, and C keys. You'll have to buy the X and C tricks, but the Z trick is available from the start of the game.

Once you've completed a level, you'll be able to purchase upgrades to your bike and new tricks - so spend your money wisely. To get extra cash, make sure you're grabbing as many bonus coins and doing as many tricks while mid-air as you can. As long as you're not crashing every time you try them out, you'll make enough money to purchase some of the great upgrades in Stunt Bike Draw 3.