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Stunt Bike Draw 2 Instructions

Point and click to draw a ramp for your rider to launch from - and draw a ramp for your rider to safely land on. Scroll the in game map with the arrow keys. Some levels will require you to clear obstacles while others will require you to pop balloons - angle your jumps carefully to complete all goals and move on to the next level.

Stunt Bike Draw 2 Walkthrough

Stunt Bike Draw 2 is a unique game that you probably haven't played before - unless you've played the prequel, Stunt Bike Draw. In both games the player draws launching and landing ramps for the rider. In Stunt Bike Draw 2, there are more obstacles, goals, and levels to choose from - it blows the first game out of the water, and you won't want to stop playing until you've completed every level the game has to offer.

So, when starting Stunt Bike Draw 2, you'll have to draw your first ramp. After clicking on the line button, you'll be able to draw a ramp in the first section of the map and the last section of the map - the game won't let you build anywhere in between. After you build ramps that you think will work, click the "Go" button.

Like most other bike games, if your rider survives the jump, you'll move on to the next level, if his bike blows up and he goes flying - then you probably didn't make it. You'll only have 20 lives in Stunt Bike Draw 2, so don't waste too much time see if your first ramp will make - make every attempt count.

In later levels, you'll come across goal-oriented levels. In level 2, for instance, you'll have to pop the balloons in the middle of the stage, while in level 3 you'll have to make it across a bigger gap. If your ramp just doesn't seem to be working, hit the "clear all lines" button and start from scratch - and remember to build a big ramp.