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Stunt Bike Draw Instructions

Stunt Bike Draw is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and drag to draw. Use the left and right arrow keys to scroll the camera.

Stunt Bike Draw Walkthrough

Stunt Bike Draw is a combination of bike game and drawing game. Stunt Bike Draw features decent graphics, three difficulty levels, and simple controls.

The objective of Stunt Bike Draw is to clear each course without causing the daredevil to crash. If this is your first time playing this bike game, then you should play on the easy difficulty level. The levels are the same on each difficulty level, but you are given more lives to complete each stage on easier difficulty settings. Crashing causes the loss of one life. When all lives are lost, the game will end.

Unlike other bike games, you do not actually control the motorcycle in Stunt Bike Draw. Instead, you draw ramps for the motorcyclist to drive on. Draw ramps by using the mouse (or a drawing tablet). Once you are satisfied with the track that you have laid, click the go button in the upper-left corner and the daredevil will drive on the track. If you fail, previous ramps that you have drawn will be displayed in dotted lines. You will have to draw a new track from scratch, but you can use the outlines to learn from mistakes and improve upon previous attempts.

Stunt Bike Draw features a variety of obstacles to jump over including space aliens! Since the aliens sometimes pop their heads up, it is a good idea to draw curve the end of your starting ramp upwards so that the cyclist can jump over them safely. Make sure that the driver does not have too large of a fall to the descending ramp though, or he will crash!

Stunt Bike Draw ties in elements of the drawing game genre and provides a change in pace for fans of motorcycle games. If you are tired of performing all the stunts and want to design the courses instead, then Stunt Bike Draw is just the bike game for you!