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Stickman Freeride Instructions

Stickman Freeride is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys lean your bike in the respective direction. Use the spacebar to jump. Press the R key to reset the level.

Stickman Freeride Walkthrough

Stickman Freeride is a bike game that is perfect for casual gamers. This bike game features simple, but well-designed graphics, fifteen courses, eighteen achievements.

The objective of Stickman Freeride is to complete each course as quickly as possible. You have unlimited time and lives to finish each level, but the faster you finish, the better your score will be. If you crash after passing a checkpoint, you will respawn at the checkpoint rather than at the beginning of the level. Unlike most other bike games, levels can be complete in any order of your choosing. It is still a good idea to complete the levels in order, however, since the difficulty level increases on later levels. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Stickman Freeride uses a keyboard control scheme common in the bike game genre. The up arrow key accelerates and the down arrow key brakes. The left and right arrow keys lean your bike in the respective direction. The spacebar is used to jump. Leaning is important when performing airborne tricks and for landing solidly on the ground without crashing. Leaning can also help you attain more power when trying to ride uphill.

Money is earned based on your performance and speed on each level of Stickman Freeride. Performing tricks provides bonus cash, but also puts you at a greater risk of crashing, so only do tricks if you are confident of your skills and ability to land. Once you have completed the level, you can use the money that you earned to upgrade your bike or buy new bikes. Upgrades that you purchase apply to all bikes, so it is a good idea to purchase individual upgrades before buying new bikes.

Stickman Freeride is a bike game that is more easygoing than most, making it a great game for casual players. Hardcore fans of the genre will also appreciate the well-implemented physics and smooth controls that set Stickman Freeride apart from other bike games!