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Stick BMX Madness Instructions

Move forward using up arrow key. Lean forward on bike using right arrow key. Lean back on bike using left arrow key. Brake using down arrow key. Get up after crashing by pressing 'x'. Change direction by pressing 'z'. Pause the game by pressing 'p'.

Stick BMX Madness Walkthrough

Stick BMX Madness is the ultimate BMX bike game for those who are looking for a good challenge, great graphics and an all around entertaining game. While the graphics are fairly basic, they are exactly what they should for this sort of game. This game perfectly married the simple, uncomplicated graphics stick figure games are known for while being remaining, clean, professional and nice looking. They aren't so simplistic they will bore fans of BMX bike games, but not so complicated that they will distract from game play.

Stick Bike Madness goes beyond what many fans on the genre have some to expect from a BMX bike game which may make it more challenging to players who are familiar with the typical controls than for the beginner who is learning from scratch. You don't simply ride from one side of the screen to the other dodging obstacles. Instead, you have to pursue bonuses and hammers to remove obstacles you won't be able to pass otherwise. This addition to the game gives it a whole other level of difficulty that fans of this type of game are going to love.

In Stick Bike Madness, the name of the game is speed. You can get more speed to go up steep hills by leaning back on your bike while you are peddling, but don't be surprised when your bike is tumbling out of control. The trick is to find the right balance between pedaling and leaning. That is much easier said than done. That simple factor is one major reason this game is so much fun and so addictive. You want to make it through to see what comes next. The great thing is, crashing does not mean starting over from the beginning. If you're upside down after a crash, hit 'x' and you'll be right side up again. The creators of this game know they have made a tough game and gave you fifty lives for your trouble. Just don't be surprised if you go through those lives quickly.

Throughout the game you will have to find red gems which enable you to end a level and more on, hammers that remove obstacles and green gems that give you bonus points. You also get bonus points for performing tricks like front and back flips. If you can't find the hammer you need to get rid of an obstacle, the color coded arrows at the bottom of the game screen will point you in the right direction.

Stick BMX Madness is an incredible game everyone needs to play at least once regardless of their favorite genre. If you like stick figure games or you like BMX games, this is a game you need to try out.