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Stick BMX Challenge Instructions

Use up arrow key to move forward. Use right arrow key to lean forward on the bike. Use left arrow key to lean back on the bike. Use down arrow key to control the brakes.

Stick BMX Challenge Walkthrough

Stick BMX Challenge is a great game that combines the fun of stick figure games and the appeal of BMX bike games into a challenging game anyone will love playing. The first level is your introduction to the game where you get a handle on the controls and get a feel for what will be expected of you as the game progresses. It might seem a little basic for the seasons BMX bike game player, but the levels get increasingly more difficult as the game progresses. The challenge is to keep your bike rubber side down - or at least to land that way - while completing the tasks you need to complete to pass to the next level. From performing a set number of forward flips, back flips and other similar tasks to simply avoiding new and interesting obstacles, this game knows how to keep you on your toes which is what makes it so addictive.

Although it is tempting to just try to speed through the levels in Stick BMX Challenge, and while that is required of you to complete some of the levels, you also need to be aware of the obstacles you face as you ride. You always need to be focused on keeping your bike balanced but at the same time, be focused on completing what is required of you. You only have five lives to begin with which means you have five tries to make it through the level without failing. If you run out of lives in the middle of one of the later levels, you will have to start over from the beginning. That can be a bit frustrating, but it also allows you the chance to hone your skills before taking on the level you are having trouble with again. The problem is that while you hone your skills, you also have to pass the challenges. That is much easier said than done.

Stick BMX Challenge is a hard game regardless of your skill level. While those that are good at BMX bike games will find the first few levels fairly easy, they will be able to find the challenge they want waiting in higher levels. For beginners in this genre, the game will be hard to get through. The first few levels that come easily to veteran players are likely going to trip up novices. The best thing about this game is that while it is hard and it can be frustrating it is always fun.

Overall, Stick BMX Challenge perfectly marries the fun and excitement of these two genres of games and provides entertainment anyone can enjoy. Take this bike out for a spin but don't be surprised if you wind up playing longer than you expected.