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Spring Bike Instructions

Move bike forward with up arrow key. Move bike backwards with down arrow key. Lean forward on like with right arrow key. Lean backward on bike with left arrow key. Change direction of your bike with 'space'

Spring Bike Walkthrough

Although for some gamers Spring Bike may be a bit too basic for a good BMX bike game, but if you stick it out through the first few levels, it gets fairly challenging. The obstacles are easy in the beginning - get over the rocks, avoid the boxes and trees and do your best to make it to the end of the level. You can try to do tricks if you want to but you won't get any bonus points. Navigating the obstacles does that a little getting used to, but for seasons BMX bike game players, this shouldn't pose much of a challenge.

With Spring Bike it is important to remember, speed isn't always your friend. Sometimes you will need to take a little time and approach obstacles carefully. Small hills should be taken slowly or else you'll have a much harder time controlling your bike for your landing. Hitting small hills with a lot of speed will likely result in a forward flip with a very unpleasant landing. Take a few moments to assess the obstacle if you're having a hard time getting over it and see what you're doing wrong. While it is best to approach some obstacles slowly, other obstacles need to be hit with a little speed. This is especially true for steep hills. While you can generally get up steep hills going slow, it's going to be much more difficult and you're going to flip over backwards more than once.

In later levels, Spring Bike adds new obstacles for you to navigate such as cars, trucks and vans. These can pose their own challenges. Try to get some speed and jump as many as you can at once while controlling your bike in the air for a smooth landing. If you can't jump them all at once, you need to take it slow and drive over them carefully. Hitting them with too much speed will put a quick end to your ride.

The graphics in this one are especially impressive for a Flash BMX bike game. The backgrounds are nice to look at although in some later levels, they can be a bit distracting. It can also be hard to tell what is background and what you need to drive over in the later levels, so planning your course of attack for obstacles gets a bit trickier. The addition of snow in some levels may seem like it will make things more challenging still, but the snow doesn't really affect your ride. It just looks nice.

Overall, Spring Bike is a great looking BMX bike game that is starts off a little too easy for fans of this genre but gets more challenging as the game wears on. You should be able to find a challenge in this one regardless of your skill level. It's well worth playing even if just to kill a little time.