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Sik Trix BMX Instructions

Move left or right using the left or right arrow keys. Jump using 'space'. Perform a trick in the air using 'z' plus the left, right, up or down arrow key. Perform one of your character's sik trix using 'x' plus the left, right, up or down arrow key. Change direction of your bike by pressing left arrow key while still or by pressing the up arrow key while in the air.

Sik Trix BMX Walkthrough

Sik Trix BMX is one of the most entertaining, engrossing and entirely addictive BMX games online. It is everything a bike game should be and more. The game is difficult, the graphics are fun and the unlockable features are a lot of fun to try for. This is a game that's going to have you playing over and over again. Whether you're a newcomer to bike games or an experienced player, this one will offer something you'll enjoy. Newcomers will have a bit of a hard time getting the hang of the controls, but should be able to pick them up with a little bit of practice. More experienced players likely are going to find the actual game a bit on the easy side, but the fact that it isn't like every other BMX game online and the fact that it offers more than most of the other games in the genre will keep them wanting to play.

One of the greatest things about Sik Trix BMX is the unlockable features you can unlock as you play. Most BMX games only allow you to unlock additional track but this one allows you to unlock all new characters you can ride as. These new characters all offer their own 'sik trix', four tricks in total, which are well worth trying for. To perform sik trix you need to have a confidence level of at least five. Your confidence level is shown at the bottom left side of the game screen. Land tricks to improve your confidence level. Each time you crash, you'll lower your confidence level. Watch that confidence level and perform your sik trix as soon as you reach level five for tremendous bonus points. As you unlock new characters take them out for a spin and check out their sik trix. Some of them are pretty impressive.

Aside from unlockable characters and sik trix Sik Trix BMX also offers power ups you can collect throughout the game to increase your bike's top speed. Each character starts out with a top speed of 13 MPH which isn't really all that bad, but if you collect all five power ups, you'll be rewarded with a top speed of 25 MPH. A higher top speed means you can hit ramps with more speed, get more height on jumps and perform more tricks while you're in the air for more points and a higher overall score. Power ups are blue circles with yellow centers and are scattered throughout the level. You'll really have to look to find some of them and some of them are a bit difficult to collect, but they're well worth the effort.

The best way to do well in Sik Trix BMX is to focus on getting those power ups and to perform tricks carefully. While tricks are a great way to improve your confidence level, you need to be able to land them to raise your confidence level. If you fail to land a trick, you'll hurt your confidence level instead of boosting it making it much harder to get to level five and those sik trix. Sik trix are important to getting a high score, so do everything you can to unlock them. You'll also get more points for linking together strings of tricks. You can link more tricks together by either landing backwards on your bike seat or landing your bike backwards. This is going to be a bit hard for newcomers. Until you're a bit more familiar with the game, it might be best to just focus on basic tricks in the beginning. Worry about linking those tricks together until you're more comfortable with the controls.

Overall, Sik Trix BMX is an excellent BMX game that will keep you entertained game after game. Experienced bike game players are probably going to find the basic game a bit simple but trying for a high score by performing sik trix, collecting power ups and linking tricks makes the game much more difficult. Try to unlock all thirteen characters and try to beat all five pre-made courses. The level editor is an excellent addition to the game that's missing from most of the other bike games online and is well worth checking out. In the level editor, you can make a track that's as easy or hard as you want it to be. Newcomers can use it for practice while more experienced players can use it to make a level that offers a real challenge. If you're a fan of BMX games this is one you shouldn't pass up.