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Shark Bike Instructions

The arrow keys control your shark bike - use them to move forward, backwards, and the left and right arrow keys to lean forwards or backwards. Collect bonus fish while you're riding through levels, and do flips to earn even more points.

Shark Bike Walkthrough

Shark Bike is a simple bike game where you have three lives to race through as many levels as you possibly can. To increase your score, you'll be able to pick up bonus fish while racing through levels, and though much more difficult, you can do front flips and back flips to further increase your score.

You'll begin the game on level 1 - using the arrow keys to control your shark bike, try and make it through the level without crashing. Since you're only given three lives, whereas most bike games give you an unlimited amount of retries, Shark Bike can be quite difficult. In every level you'll find plenty of jumps, gaps to jump over, and bonus fish to collect. Collecting Bonus fish won't increase your score by very much, though, so don't worry about picking up every single one. If you really want to increase your score while playing Shark Bike, try doing front flips and back flips; the game will let you know if you've completed one and they're worth a thousand points each.

Although it's tempting to land as many flips as you can in Shark Bike, make sure you're going to land a flip once you start doing one. With only three lives from the start of the game, you'll have to ride carefully if you really want to get a high score - the game gives you a lot more points for completing a level than doing flips and collecting bonus fish. So, if anything, focus on driving your shark bike safely - or, if you want to have fun, you can try and do as many flips as possible. Just make sure you don't land on your head - or your bike will explode instantly.