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Nitro Ninjas Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Move backwards using the down arrow key. Lean backwards on your bike using the left arrow key. Lean forward on your bike using the right arrow key. Perform tricks using number keys 1-4. Jump using 'space'.

Nitro Ninjas Walkthrough

Nitro Ninjas is the type of BMX game that focuses on the action and everything you love about BMX games without throwing in a lot of extras to make the game seem more complicated. Your goal is simple. Make it from the starting line to the finish line without crashing or running out of time. Along the way, you'll have to navigate over a variety of obstacles like gaps in the track, hills, bowls and even loops all while doing everything you can to keep your wheels on the ground. With that said, there are enough little added touches to make the game feel unique and original but not so many that you're overwhelmed with additional goals and features. The focus of this game is on the riding and that's really what makes it so appealing to die hard BMX game fans.

In Nitro Ninjas, staying in control of your bike at all times is vital, but that's not always easy to do. You're moving fast, as you would in most BMX games, but the difference here is that balancing your bike by leaning back or forward is actually pretty tricky. If you lean too far forward or too far back you'll crash, but avoiding that is difficult. You really need to be careful and pay attention. In many cases, you'll have to lean in one direction and then immediately lean in the opposite direction to get yourself in a steady position. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, so you don't really have the time to slow down. Many of the other BMX games online shy away from giving you a time limit to complete the level because it makes a game much more difficult, but that's the beauty of this one. It isn't afraid to give you a real challenge and put your skills to the test. For that reason, experienced BMX game players that are looking for a challenge will absolutely love this game.

In addition to trying to avoid crashing and trying to make it to the end before time runs out, Nitro Ninjas also offers a few extras to make the game more entertaining. First, there is the addition of ninja style stars you can collect as you play to boost your score. Getting the stars will require a little work - and most times a little jumping, but they're an interesting addition. Newcomers to BMX games are probably going to have enough trouble getting through the levels without trying to collect the stars so it might be a better idea to just collect them with you can. More experienced players, on the other hand can really challenge themselves by trying to collect all of the stars in a level. It's hard to do, but it gives the game a whole new level of difficult. Aside from the stars, you can also perform four different tricks as you ride. I would recommend only trying to perform tricks when you get a lot of air off a ramp or a jump. If you don't have enough room to land your jump you will not only not get points for the trick, but you'll also likely crash. You only have ten lives to get through the game with. Don't waste them trying to perform tricks when you don't have the room to do so.

Overall, Nitro Ninjas is an excellent game for any fan of BMX games regardless of skill or experience level. It's entertaining and challenging without being overly complicated or hard to understand. Newcomers will have a hard time avoiding crashes when they first begin playing because it can be extremely hard to keep your bike under control, but as long as you pay attention and have your fingers ready on the arrow keys, you should be able to get the hang of it. More experience players will love this one because not only is the game itself challenging but the tricks and stars offer an even higher level of difficulty should they choose to pursue it. One of the best ways to get a high score is to not only do the tricks that require hitting the number keys, but also to perform back flips as often as possible by hitting the left arrow key until your bike flips. You'll need the room to land the flip just as you would with any other trick, but you'll also be rewarded with a decent point bonus. If you like BMX games and are looking for a challenge, this is a game you simply can't pass up.