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Neon Rider World Instructions

The controls of Neon World Rider are fairly simple to handle and pick up on. For the most part, you will use the W, A, S, and D keys as well as your keyboard's directional buttons (up, left, right, and down button). To accelerate, hit and hold on to the W button. To tilt your vehicle to the right, pressing the D button would get the job done. For tilting your bike (though it looks more like an F1 racing car), hit the A button and hold on to it. To slow down your car's movement, pressing the S button would get the job done. Now, the directional keys, you may be thinking, what are they for? Surprisingly, they are for changing your vehicle's color. And get this: switching colors in this bike game isn't just for making your ride look cool. It's far more important than that as you will see later. Originally, your bike's color is neon blue (not very surprising as the game's name is Neon Rider World). Press the Up directional key to switch to green. The left directional key turns your bike to red and the right directional key turns it to yellow. To switch back to your ride's original color, just hit the down directional button.

Neon Rider World Walkthrough

Neon Rider World - if you are looking for bike games where good finger reflexes and reaction time trumps lightning fast speed, and where everything around you is Neon, this game is an excellent recommendation! Nah, you won't be racing against AI or other racers online. True, you will be timed for every level...BUT finishing a level fast isn't really the goal.

Getting to the other side in one piece and with some health left is.

Challenges And Hurdles: The starting level of Neon Rider World is very easy to handle once you get a grip of the controls. Going through ramps and loops, you need to balance your ride by pressing the A and D buttons... making sure your bike doesn't flip over. Once it does, your health goes down the drain and you need to start from square one.

The BIGGER challenges come later. That's when the lines you pass through change from the regular neon blue to red, yellow, or green. This is where you need to switch colors... and you need to do it fast. You see, your bike will only collide and pass through the lines it has the same color with. If your bike is in neon blue and you try to pass through the yellow line, you will go down the drain.

To make things even more challenging, in the later stages, there are terrains with different colored lines and it's up to you to pick which one to pass through. Some lead to a short cut, while others lead to a dead end where you have no choice but to restart the level. All in all, while not one of the most fast paced and thrilling bike games around, Neon Rider World is a game that will keep you busy during boring Sunday mornings and afternoons.