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Neon Rider Instructions

Accelerate using 'w'. Brake using 's'. Lean left using 'a'. Lean right using 'd'. Change the color of your bike using the arrow keys.

Neon Rider Walkthrough

Neon Rider is a BMX game that does things a little differently than most of the other BMX games online. Instead of simply challenging you to drive your bike around the twist and turns in the track, this game will require you to change the color of your bike to correspond with the color of the track making it quite a bit more difficult than the average BMX game once you get into the swing of the game. In addition, you have to do everything you can do to prevent running out of health - mainly by staying wheel side down on the track and making it to the next part of the track when jumping gaps. At it's core, it's a typical BMX game with all the fun and excitement fans of the genre have come to love with a few extra things thrown in to make the game stand out and set it apart from the competition. The basic premise of the game isn't really all that unfamiliar in the world of online BMX games. You have a track, a start and a finish. Your goal is to get your bike from the start to the finish without running out of bounds of losing all of your health. The real differences are in the color obstacles you face, but you'll still be up against the normal obstacles like hills and gaps, that you would face in most other games in the genre. It isn't a complicated game, but it definitely isn't an easy one either.

One of the greatest things about Neon Rider is that you really don't have to be an experienced BMX game player to play the game. Newcomers really won't have that much trouble getting the hang of this one but it also won't be so easy more experienced players will find it boring. It's the perfect middle ground. For some, the 'wasd' navigation controls are going to be a little hard to get the hang of especially considering you also need to use the arrow keys to change the color of your bike to match the track. Give yourself a little time to adjust. Play the game a few times before you really start trying for a high score. You'll appreciate the practice. Try not to get too frustrated if the controls take you a while to get used to. It really isn't all that difficult once you've been playing for a while but the controls will give most players a lot of trouble in the beginning. Just stick with it and you'll catch on.

Unlike most BMX games, the challenge of Neon Rider isn't really in the driving as much as it is in switching colors. At the same time, it's important to remember that you're going to need to balance your bike as you go up or down hills and make jumps or you'll crash and will have to start the level over again. That's honestly not a big deal, though. All of the tracks in this game are fairly short so even if you make it to the very end of the track, crash and have to start over, you really won't be going back all that far. The tracks do get longer and more complicated as you progress in the game, but with the experience you earn in the beginning, you should be fairly well prepared when things start getting more difficult. The key is to always stay alert. There is a lot to focus on. Thankfully, though, you're offered a mini map to make things a little easier.

The mini map in Neon Rider is one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal. The mini map is shown at the bottom left corner of the screen and shows you not over any hills or gaps in the map, but also the color changes in the track. While getting through the track as fast as possible is important is you want to get a good score, it's also important to take a moment or two to look at the mini map before you start playing. Remember, the clock doesn't start until you begin driving. Look at where the gaps and hills are but also make sure you pay attention to the color changes in the track. You can drive on blue colored portions of the track regardless of what color bike you're driving, but if you want to drive on red, green or yellow sections of track, your bike will need to be the color that corresponds with the track. A red bike allows you to drive on red track, green allows you to drive on green track and yellow allows you to drive on yellow track. If your bike is not the right color, it will simply fall through the track. That will almost certainly mean a quick end do the game and will mean you have to start the level over. Taking a minute or two to examine the track and get yourself ready for what's coming is the best way to do well in this game.

Overall, Neon Rider is the kind of BMX game you're going to want to play again and again. It's a lot of fun and it's also incredibly addictive. As you go through the game you're going to find the tracks harder and harder to complete, but that's what makes the game so enjoyable. You're going to need to be fast if you want to get a good score, and a little planning before you begin each new track is the best way to do that. The mini map is vital. Make sure you don't ignore it. At the same time, you need to remember to balance your bike. Don't feel discouraged if you have a hard time doing that in the beginning. More experienced BMX game players are going to find it hard to remember that the 'wasd' keys are used for navigation while the arrow keys are used to change the color of the bike, so sometimes you'll change the color of your bike instead of leaning to balance it. It'll cause an accident or two, but there's nothing better than experience to cure up this little problem. Also, because you need to use specific arrow keys to turn your bike a specific color, make sure you know what keys correspond with which color so you're prepared. If you're a fan of BMX games, this is one you absolutely must not pass up.