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Rating: 4.36/5 stars (395 ratings)

Mountain Rider Instructions

Use the up arrow key to move forward. Use the right arrow key to lean forward on the bike. Use the left arrow key to lean backward on the bike. Press 'space' to jump.

Mountain Rider Walkthrough

Mountain Rider isn't really the best game out there for someone who has a lot of experience playing BMX bike games and is looking for a challenge. The game isn't really all that difficult and someone who knows their way around this sort of game is likely to blow through all ten levels in the game fairly quickly. That said, the game is fairly entertaining and allows you to collect bonuses and perform front and back flips for extra points so there is a challenge there if you want to make it. For a beginner, on the other hand, this is a great game to play if you are interested in this genre but don't have the skills to play the more complicated games out there. You can get the hang of the basic controls you'll use for almost any BMX bike game online and will get enough challenge out of the levels to keep you wanting more.

The levels in Mountain Rider don't really get any more difficult as the game progresses, so, again, seasoned veterans of BMX bikes games may find it a bit boring. Instead of simply playing to complete levels, try to get a high score by jumping for the bonuses and doing flips. This makes the game a lot more difficult and a lot more fun. The bonuses can be a bit hard to get and once you've passed them you can't go back to try again unless you crash or start the game over, so if you want more of a challenge out of the game, try to collect every bonus in every level. It's much harder that you think.

The graphics in Mountain Rider are nice enough, but they aren't really up to par with some of the better games on the market. They aren't garish or hard to look at, but they're fairly basic and the backdrop doesn't change from level to level. For someone that likes seeing something new each time they beat a level, you might find that a little tedious and mundane. Again, though, what may seem like a disadvantage to a more experienced player will be a benefit to the beginner. A beginner can go through each level without being distracted by a fancy new background each time allowing them to focus on honing their skills in the game.

The main issue with Mountain Rider is simply that more advanced players might not get as much enjoyment out of it as other games in the genre. It can be challenging, but you really have to make that challenge yourself while other games are more than willing to provide it. It's a good game for beginners or someone looking to play a high score focused game, but someone just looking for a challenging BMX bike game may want to look for another option.