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Motorcycle Dummy Instructions

Click on your rider to start Motorcycle Dummy - and control him with your cursor. Avoid boulders and see how long you can keep your rider alive.

Motorcycle Dummy Walkthrough

Motorcycle Dummy is an extremely simple flash game. In it, you'll have to guide your rider as far as you can without letting him hit a rock - each time you get further than the last time; you'll score a new personal best record, so aim for your highest personal record and see how long you can go.

There are a few ways to get around the boulders though, if you're willing to cheat. Since the game says to avoid the boulders, most would think that you're keeping your cursor on the game screen the whole time you're playing Motorcycle Dummy. But, if you want to make your rider hop around on the game screen, simply place your rider on an edge of the screen, move your cursor to the opposite side of the game screen, and put it on the game screen.

Doing this will cause your rider to instantly jump from one half of the screen to the other, and this works wonders when trying to dodge the onslaught of boulders. If you're not quite skilled with bike games like Motorcycle Dummy, then definitely use this little work around to improve your personal record.

Other than that, there's not much else you can do unless you're naturally good at games like Motorcycle Dummy. You can practice, but there's not much fun in that - even though Motorcycle Dummy is the perfect time waster. So, if you're just looking to have mindless fun while wasting time - go with Motorcycle Dummy, keep beating your personal record and see how long you can really last. And if you can't get very far at all, use the cheat and see how you do.