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Motocross FMX Instructions

Looking at the controls department, Motocross FMX isn't at all different from other motorcycle and BMX games out there. It's pretty standard. You just need to make sure your keyboard's arrow keys are working, and you are good to go: (1) To move forward, just press the up directional key. (2) Once you get moving, press the left directional key to speed up... hold it down until you reach the top speed. (3) If you need to back up, press the down arrow key and that's about it. Stunts: a motorcycle game, without stunts or dare devil moves, is like having a girlfriend who you can't hold hands with or kiss. In simpler terms, it's useless! Good thing, though, Motocross FMX is jam packed with stunts and tricks. You have a couple of stunts you can use. To perform those tricks, just press the number keys 1 to 7. Alright, I think I have already covered the controls enough. Let's have a closer look at Motocross FMX.

Motocross FMX Walkthrough

So you are searching through the net for that motorcycle game where pulling off 360s, front and back wheelies, keeping your motorcycle airborne, etc. is just as important as stability and speed? Well, you are in for a treat folks. The search is over!

In Motocross FMX, that's EXACTLY what you need to do: step on the ignition and reach road-blazing speeds. From there, you need to pull off one jaw dropping trick after another to score as high as you can... and see how you stack up against other fans of the genre.

Showcasing 9 different tracks (with each of them having their fair share of challenges and road obstacles), playing Motocross FMX is one of the best ways to stave off boredom and the pure doses of motorcycling fun rolling in. True, there are other motorcycle or BMX games out there that top Motocross FMX. Some of them have as many as 40 different challenges! HOWEVER, the originality of the challenges in Motocross FMX is more than enough to keep you playing it.

Keeping a motorcycle in a safe and balanced position is something that everyone can do. Pulling off as many tricks and stunts as possible while not tripping out of balance, HOWEVER, is a different story. And that's precisely what you need to do in Motocross FMX. And no, pulling off a stunt is NOT quite enough. You got to do it in style! You need to make it as complicated as possible. You need to be airborne... catch heaps of air for as long as you can. You need to hold your trick as long as you can and WOW the audience. Do that and you are assured that the points will keep on coming.

HOWEVER, here's another challenge that you always need to keep an eye on: the energy meter. As much as you want to 'Superman' your way to motorcycling stardom, pull off as many 360s as possible, execute Rock Solids all day long, you simply can't. Why? It's all because of the energy meter. With every flip and trick, your stamina and energy level decreases. When it's down to nothing, you cannot perform tricks... you will have to wait until it regenerates to an acceptable level. Now stopping and resting in front of a HUGE crowd is a BIG no no!

It will only be a matter of time before the crowd loses interest. They will certainly boo you and you will be out of the scene before you can even say: "Motocross FMX!" Certainly, that's the last thing you want to happen when you play this exciting motorcycle game.

Win the crowd. This is what this game is about. Pull off those Supermans and Rock Solids. Amaze them with your front and rear wheelies. Make them hold their breath by catching a lot of air. Do that and you win the audience (and A LOT of points in the process, too). On the other hand, eating a lot of dirt, crashing every now and then, and resting because you ran out of energy is a 'good' way of making sure you get booed out of the game.

Will you win the crowd or will they end up disgusted with your performance? There's only one way to see: grab your motorcycle, pick whatever color you like, and start playing Motocross FMX!