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Motobots Instructions

Use the WASD keys to accelerate and move backwards, and lean either forward or backwards. The spacebar will control your brakes, while the M or enter key will activate your current bonus. Use the arrow keys to complete bonus slow-down challenges to increase your score.

Motobots Walkthrough

Motobots is a bike game where you're controlling a robot-rider, the motobot. You'll race against other motobots and compete for championship cups, all the while avoiding the perils of every track you'll be speeding through. Land upside or lean too far and your bike will explode - so ride as carefully and as fast as you can.

Begin the game by selecting a bike to race with. The hybrid bike is faster than average and has stable control, while the fast bike doesn't have much stability, and the light bike can go fast but will crash easily. Pick which one suits your racing style, and then pick which cup you'll be in the running for. If you haven't played Motobots before, only the bronze cup will be available, but after completing the bronze cup circuit, you'll be able to race for the silver and gold cups.

As you're racing against your opponent, you'll notice a bar on the bottom of the screen. While the race is progressing, the bar will fill up, especially if you're mid-air, and once it's full you'll be able to active the bonus with the M or enter key. During a bonus slow-down, you'll have to hit the corresponding arrow keys the game prompts, and if you enter all five correctly, you'll gain bonus points.

Each cup will have you race against another motobot, and the highest scoring racer at the end of the tournament will win the Motobots cup. During a race, if you opponent crashes even once, you'll only have to complete the track to win. If you crash at all during any race, it counts as a loss, and you'll have to make it up next time. To avoid crashing, make sure you land evenly after hitting every jump you come across - even leaning forward a little too much can make your motobot explode, and in that sense, Motobots is one forgiving game. If you've played many online bike games before, though, you shouldn't find the game too difficult - just remember to land correctly, and you'll be on your way to winning that championship cup in no time at all.