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Moto Rush Instructions

Moto Rush is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to move forward and backwards. The left and right arrow keys are used to lean left and right. The Z key activates the nitro boost when the nitro bar is full. The P key pauses the game.

Moto Rush Walkthrough

Moto Rush is a zany racing game with a plethora of wacky characters and vehicles. This motorcycle game features impressive graphics, nine cups, and three gameplay modes.

The first gameplay mode in Moto Rush is Timed Mode. Timed Mode puts you in a race against the clock to complete courses and has one set of races for each types of vehicle featured in the game. To be eligible to play the next course in the cup, you must beat the bronze trophy time on each course. If you crash, the race will reset. You have an unlimited number of attempts to complete each race. Earning trophies also earns points which can be used to unlock different vehicles and characters.

The second gameplay mode in this motorcycle game is Challenge Mode. Like Timed Mode, Challenge Mode features one set of races for each types of vehicle. The difference is that instead of racing against the clock, you will be racing against AI-controlled opponents! These opponents have an easier time navigating the track, so it is very difficult to pass them. Try to stay on the ground as much as possible to maintain speed, and only make small jumps when necessary. Also, be sure to collect nitro boosts and use them whenever you can; this is the one advantage that you have over the AI in this racing game since the computer never uses nitro! In order to qualify for the next race in a Challenge Mode cup, you must finish the race in at least third place. Due to the difficulty of this mode, I advise you to play the timed cup first and use points that you've earned to unlock the second tier vehicles.

The final gameplay mode in Moto Rush is the Ultimate Race. The Ultimate Race is similar to Challenge Mode except that the courses are much more challenging and you can select any vehicle or character that you want to use. The choices are mainly aesthetic, but larger vehicles (like the monster trucks) have an advantage in staying closer to the ground most of the time due to their weight and being longer, so you can use length to acquire a photo finish!

Moto Rush may not be the most spectacular motorcycle game, but it is a solid one nonetheless. If you are a fan of bike games or racing games, then give Moto Rush a try!