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Mo'bike 2! Instructions

Adjust the high of the ramp by using up and down arrow keys. Control speed by clicking and dragging the accelerator arrow with the left mouse button.

Mo'bike 2! Walkthrough

Mo'bike 2 is a BMX bike game unlike any other I have played and that's part of why I like it so much. I also like that the creators of this game didn't just settle for doing something different but also focused on creating something incredibly challenging. Every aspect of this game is fun and interesting starting with allowing the player to customize the colors of their bike and their jumpsuit. Although allowing you to pick the color of your bike and the kind of bike you want to ride isn't entirely unique in a BMX bike game, the level of customization here is extraordinary. Allowing you to choose the color of the bike itself as well as the detailing on the bike, the creators give the player a chance to make the game feel wholly individualized; especially when they also allow you to customize the color of your jumpsuit to match. This starts the game off on a fun note and that is only the beginning.

Once you begin to play Mo'bike 2, you quickly learn that the game is completely different than any other BMX bike game you've played. The controls aren't the typical arrow keys or even the 'w', 'a', 's', 'd' controls standard in other game genres. This came is played largely with the mouse although you will using the up and down arrow keys to adjust the height of the ramp. Basically, you start off with your rider at the beginning of the course. You click on the orange arrow keys on either side of the word 'start' to analyze the track. Adjust the ramps and set your target area then click start. Click on the arrow along the black bar and slide it toward the word 'max' to accelerate. Be careful though. Accelerating too fast will cause you to tip backwards and crash. Click on the arrow again and drag it away from 'max' to bring your bike to a stop in the marked target area. It sounds fairly easy, but it's quite challenging. You need to adjust the ramps just right and approach with the right amount of speed. You also need to break at the right time or you won't hit your target stop area. In order to pass the level, you need to stop the entire bike between the two markers. If you miss by even a tire, you will fail the level.

To pass the levels in Mo'bike 2, you will need to try different speeds, different ramp positions and different stop times in order to find what works. Each level will be a little more difficult, but even if you can't perform all five jumps you'll have a lot of fun trying. You have five lives to try to make it through the game. Good luck and have fun!