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Military Rush Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control your quad or dirt bike - up to accelerate, down to brake and reverse, and the left and right arrow keys to lean forwards or backwards. The P key pauses the game at anytime and the M key will mute in game music.

Military Rush Walkthrough

With only three lives to start with, Military Rush is one game you won't want to be reckless in. Besides the fact that you pretty much have to if you want to have any fun - you'll be driving either a dirt bike or quad, doing back flips and front flips to score extra points, and hitting grenades for even more extra points.

When selecting a vehicle, keep in mind that the quad has better stability, but that the dirt bike can go faster. After you've picked one, you'll immediately start the game, and it's up to you to try and get to the next level without dying. You'll have a health bar and three lives - the health bar doesn't go very far though. Although it may look like you have quite a bit of health, only scraping your head on the ground a few times will make it almost completely disappear. Once your health bar is fully depleted, your vehicle will explode, and you'll have to start the level over with one less life.

To gain extra points while playing Military Rush, you can do back flips and front flips - they're not difficult at all to pull off, and sometimes you can even do two or three in one jump. You'll also probably notice the grenades in levels - as you touch them, they'll explode, and you'll gain a hundred points. Try to grab as many of these as you can, as every little bit added to your score helps.

Overall, Military Rush is a fun, mindless game that everyone can enjoy, especially if you like to play bike games. See how many front flips or back flips you can do in a row - just remember to land on your wheels, and not on your head.