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Mental Mouse Instructions

Mental Mouse is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate and to brake/reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to tilt your bike backwards and forwards.

Mental Mouse Walkthrough

Mental Mouse is a bike game that puts you in control of a biker mouse. This biker mouse is not from mars, but if it is any consolation, he is quite deranged! Mental Mouse contains beautifully-drawn graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Mental Mouse is to make it from the beginning of each level to its end without crashing. If you bike flips over and your mouse hits the table or any obstacle, then you will crash and have to start the level from its beginning. This bike game gives you unlimited chances to complete each level, but completing levels as quickly as possible and in as few tries as possible will reward you with more points.

To complete each level of Mental Mouse, you will have to to know how to balance your bike and manage your speed. If your bike begins to tip over, tap the arrow key going in the opposite direction to regain your balance. There are no extra points to be earned from doing tricks in this bike game, so focus on keeping both wheels planted firmly on the level's surface.

Although you will earn more points for completing each track as quickly as possible, it may pay off to slowly progress through the level. Going too fast puts you at a greater risk of crashing, and you won't get any points if you do not manage to complete the level. Remember, that the clock counts the total time taken on all attempts, so you can earn a higher score by driving slowly and completing the level in one try than speeding through and crashing multiple times.

Mental Mouse is a straightforward motorcycle game without powerups, upgrades, or collectibles. Although some gamers may be disappointed by the lack of frills in this bike game, simple gameplay makes Mental Mouse a great game to pick up when you want a challenge to kill time. Some levels of this bike game may be frustrating, especially since you will have to begin the level from its beginning if you crash, but keep at it. It's motorcycle madness with Mental Mouse!