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Manic Rider Instructions

Manic Rider - the control scheme of this one is very similar to other BMX bike games you'd find in the internet. You need to use your keyboard's directional keys for the most part. To start accelerating and moving forward, press the up directional key. Just be careful with those humps when you start gaining some speed. It could easily throw you out of balance. To make sure you land safely and continue forward and finish the level, use the left and right directional keys - they are for leaning forward or backwards. If you think you are going to land face first, use any of these keys to make sure you don't. You can even use them for executing 360s while in mid air. HOWEVER, don't hold on to these buttons for too long. You can easily find your face as the BMX's screeching wheel when you land. By the way, to slow down, just press the brake button - that's the down directional key. Here are some basic key combinations that will help you perform a little better: to climb those steep hills without losing the much needed momentum, combine the up and right directional keys. For gaining extra speed, especially when there are impassable terrains you need to leap through, combining the up and left directional keys should get the job done. To pause the game, say to answer a phone call or what not, just hit the P button. As for the tricks, this is where things get a little trickier - to execute the special tricks, press the buttons Z, X, C, V, and B, whose locations I find a little awkward... that's especially true in this game since you only have a couple of seconds to pull it off while in mid air. I guess that makes the game even MORE exciting. Anyway, onto the game...

Manic Rider Walkthrough

No complicated background stories, the controls are just right, nothing fancy, or complex - this is a bike game which is all about pulling off stunts. The goal of this physics based BMX bike is to get your bike to finish as fast as you can... enabling you to score the maximum number of points.

Let me remind you though, the game takes some time to master. You better make sure you have enough practice before you dig in to the extreme levels with impossible terrain later on. Worry not, you can always go back to the earlier stages to get all of the practice and training you need.

Get this: there are no life bars in this game. Though you have 5 lives to begin with, you can easily find it down the drain if you are not careful and it's game over for you. When that happens, you need to start from square one... where only the first level is available. Excitement - if that's what you are looking for minus the violence common in most free internet games today, Manic Rider can give you just that!