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Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted Instructions

Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted is controlled by using keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to pedal your back leftwards and rightwards respectively. The up arrow key is used to jump. When fighting Racatan, use the arrow keys to dodge in the respective direction.

Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted Walkthrough

Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted is an action game based on the Cartoon Network animated series, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. This bike game features excellent cartoon graphics, characters from the television show, and quick gameplay.

Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted puts you in the role of the title character, Juniper Lee. You have been called from a party to save the world from the evil Racatan. Once you have defeated him, you will be able to return to the party. This game can be completed in one sitting, and should take less than ten minutes for most players to complete.

Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted has two stages, each with their own controls and styles of gameplay. The first stage is similar to standard bike games. You control Juniper using the arrow keys, and must reach the end of the stage until time runs out. Along the way, you must avoid obstacles such as rocks and tree stumps by jumping over them. If you crash into obstacles, you lost health. If you fall into a gorge, you are penalized by ten seconds. If you run out of health or time, you will lose and have to start the game from its beginning.

The second stage of this action game pits you in a fight against Racatan, a giant evil hamster. Use the arrow keys to move Juniper. The objective here is to defeat Racatan by getting him to hit himself. Jump on top of him by using the appropriate arrow key. When Racatan flashes, jump off of him and he will slap himself. Repeat this process until he is defeated. If you lose this battle, you will be forced to start the entire game from its beginning; you cannot just repeat the boss battle, unfortunately.

Juniper Lee: Party Interrupted is a short bike game that is appropriate from players of all ages that want a quick gaming break. The Life and Times of Juniper Lee may no longer air on Cartoon Network, but you can still enjoy this fun bike game!