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Jump Gear 2 Instructions

Move forward by pressing up arrow key. Move backward by pressing down arrow key. Flip left using the left arrow key and flip right using the right arrow key. Jump by pressing 'space'. Start or rety levels at the end of game play by pressing 'Space'. Press any other button on your keyboard to pause.

Jump Gear 2 Walkthrough

Jump Gear 2 is a fun and addictive BMX bike game that does things a little differently than other BMX bike games. Instead of being the typical person on a BMX bike you are a little creature on gears. This gives the game an interesting twist over many of the other games in the genre because it stands out and gives you a memorable gaming experience.

What many people like about this game, myself included, is that you are able to choose from a variety of pre-made courses or decide to make your own course. Making your own course allows you to incorporate all the things you like about the pre-made courses you played but put your own spin on them. In addition, you can make you own course as easy or as challenging as you want. You can make curves and straight lines with the curve tool in the 'create your own course' screen, both of which come out looking crisp and smooth. This versatile tool allows you to put dips in the track as deep or shallow as you like, create ramps or create obstacles to overcome depending on the degree of difficulty you wan to set for yourself. You also get to set your own time limit which is great if you create a complex track that is going to take more time to complete. It's also great if you build a shorter track but what to challenge yourself to complete it quickly. The 'create a course' screen also gives you the ability to put a 'save progress' checkpoint anywhere you see fit. This is great for longer tracks that are a little more complicated.

The controls in Jump Gear 2 are pretty easy to get used to. They are the same basic controls that are used in most BMX bike games so if you are used to playing that sort of game you shouldn't have any trouble getting used to them. The best advantage this game offers over other games in this genre is that crashing does not necessarily mean the end of the game. If you end up upside down, simply jump back up and keep going. It may take a few jumps for you to get gear side down again, but it will keep you in the race. Although the game may be a little simplistic for more experienced gamers, the ability to make your own track makes this game well worth checking out. Beginners to BMX bike games will find the game challenging, but will be able to get the hang of the game rather quickly. Higher levels with more complicated tracks may prove a bit of a different story, but this is a great game to use to hone your skills and get used to this genre of game.