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Rating: 4.42/5 stars (919 ratings)

Icycle Instructions

Use right arrow key to move right and use up arrow key to jump. Use the down arrow to duck.

Icycle Walkthrough

Icycle isn't really a BMX bike game in the traditional sense of the word, but is rather a puzzle, strategy game that combines elements of more traditional BMX bikes games into the mix. This game really offers something for everyone regardless of level of experience or preferred game genre. The levels are challenging but not impossible to beat so you want to keep playing. That's what makes this game so addictive and so irresistible. Even when you get frustrated and walk away, don't be surprised to find yourself starting again later from the beginning.

One of the best parts of Icycle is that even when it takes you a little while to get past a particularly tricky part of the game, once you figure out the trick, it isn't hard to beat it the second time around. You don't have a limit on how many lives you have to lose so you can try as many times as you need to. There are parts where you will get stuck. You can't move forward to progress in the level and because you can never move back you will quite literally be stuck. Don't fear! You simply have to commit suicide and start from the beginning of the level you are having difficulty with. It might sound a little drastic, but it is only a game after all. All you have to do is click on the death count icon, the little skull and cross bones symbol with a number in the middle at the bottom right hand side of the game screen, and then click 'yes'. You'll be back at the beginning of the level or the last screen ready to start again.

The levels in Icycle get harder with every one you pass, but the truth is, you just have to look at the obstacles you're faced with carefully. You have to avoid the obvious obstacles while still getting to the other side of the game screen on your bike; the same as you would with any traditional BMX bike game. At its core, that's what this game really is. It has awesome graphics, a cute story and cute music, but you're still doing exactly what you would be doing in any other BMX bike game - evaluating the obstacles and figuring out the best way to get you and your bike safely to the other side.

Icycle is definitely a game that shouldn't be missed. The music is a bit annoying and you may find yourself getting frustrated, but you'll always come back for more. As an avid gamer, I recommend this one to anyone interested in having fun while being challenged to figure out the solution. This is a game that offers something for everyone, is extremely addictive and pays off with a fun finale.