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Heavy Metal Rider Instructions

Heavy Metal Rider is controlled by using the keyboard or the mouse. When using the keyboard, the up arrow key accelerates, the left and right arrow keys steer the bike, and the spacebar activates the nitro boost. When using the mouse, the left mouse button accelerates, moving the mouse steers the bike, and double-clicking activates the nitro boost.

Heavy Metal Rider Walkthrough

Heavy Metal Rider is a motorcycle game with anime-themed graphics. This bike game features two control schemes, fifteen stages, and gameplay similar to that of the classic Sega game, OutRun.

The objective of Heavy Metal Rider is to complete each track before time runs out. There are fifteen stages in this motorcycle game, but only five must be completed. When selecting the stage that you wish to play, stages towards the top of the screen are easier, while stages towards the bottom are more difficult. You may also allocate performance points to tune up your bike before each race. It is a good idea to max out the handling characteristic to make it easier to control your bike. Your point allocation and progress are saved in this bike game, so you can continue your game with the same configuration the next time that you play.

Heavy Metal Rider uses a keyboard control scheme by default, but you may choose to use the mouse by selecting the option under the options menu. When using the keyboard, the up arrow key accelerates, the left and right arrow keys steer, and the spacebar activates your nitro boost. When using the mouse, the the left mouse button, the mouse is moved to steer, and double-clicking the left mouse button activates the nitro boost. Keyboard control is more precise in this bike game, but mouse control may be smoother for some players.

Heavy Metal Rider is a straightforward motorcycle game, but it can be quite challenging at times. If the game seems to difficult, try playing the easier stages; remember that you only have to complete five stages to win the game. Try allocating points to the different characteristics that you need. I found that handling was the most important characteristic for me, but you may wish to allocate your points differently. Finally, when making turns, try to begin steering in the direction of your turn in advance to stay on the track. Drifting off of the track does not result in an automatic crash, but it will slow you down!

Heavy Metal Rider is a well-made motorcycle game that fans of OutRun will enjoy. Rev up and zip down the highway in Heavy Metal Rider!