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Free Rider 2 Instructions

Point and click to draw lines; build curves, ramps, and scenery to construct a vehicle path. Use the left and right menus to choose different vehicles ranging from the standard BMX bike to a hot air balloon or even a gelatinous blob. Build your own levels and paths or load a level someone else has created and try to solve it.

Free Rider 2 Walkthrough

Free Rider 2 is as much of a flash game as it is a game builder. In it, you'll be able to construct your own open-ended race tracks, vehicle paths, and launching ramps that anyone else can play, as long as you save it, or you can play tracks that other players have made.

To begin, you'll be presented with a white screen and a single BMX bike rider. If you don't want a BMX bike, though, you can change it to a truck, a hot air balloon, and a bunch of others. Or, if you don't like the white background so much, you can change it to a city landscape, a simple outside landscape with hills and trees, or whatever else. You can draw your own scenery too: just click on the scenery button and start drawing with your mouse.

The initial level of Free Rider 2 will just have one rider standing still. It's up to you to add lines for your avatar to travel on, add curves to them for ramps, or add bombs with the bomb button to blow up your avatar at the end of a track. To repeat any level, click the restart button on the bottom-left of the screen.

To try out levels other players have created in Free Rider 2, copy the given code they've posted, and paste it after clicking the load button on the right menu. To save any level you've constructed, click on the save button and copy the code that's given.

Making any track level-like is simple - click on the goal button (it's a golden star on the left menu) and paste stars on certain points of the map. As the avatar reaches these points, a goal will be achieved, and once all stars have been touched the level will be completed. Try putting goal points up before building your level if you're think you're up to it.