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FMX Team 2 Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control your bike: the up arrow controls the throttle while the down arrow controls your breaks, the left and right arrows will allow you to lean forwards or backwards. Use the 1-6 number keys while mid-air to perform tricks for extra points.

FMX Team 2 Walkthrough

FMX Team 2 is a sequel to the popular flash game FMX Team - a moto-cross game where you'll be racing against others, progressing on to the next race, and performing mid-air tricks to gain points. In FMX Team 2 you'll be doing all of these things, but better. There are more tricks you can perform, tons of levels to progress through, and if you don't know how to play there's a tutorial at the beginning of the game that will show you how.

After entering a team name, the tutorial will show you how to perform front and back flips, by using lean after hitting a jump, and how to perform tricks by pressing one of the 1-6 number keys. Try it out for yourself, and once you've gotten the hang of it, try out the first level, a free style track. Before you start, you'll have to select a rider. Each rider on your team is upgradeable, so use whichever you prefer and upgrade them as you gain experience points.

At the beginning of each level, FMX Team 2 will name a trick you have to do to unlock the next - the first being a wheelie. Next, you can unlock the super man seat grab, and snag more points each time you complete the trick. Do as many tricks as possible to gain more experience points, letting you upgrade your riders so they'll perform better, but make sure you don't crash at any time during a race.

If you crash, at all, you'll have to restart the level you're on and begin the whole race all over again. While you should focus on scoring as many points as you can, you should above all else try not to crash during a race. And though it might take you a little while to unlock all six tricks FMX Team 2 offers, it's worth it - the extra experience points will improve you riders and make you a much more effective racer.