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FMX Team Instructions

The controls of this BMX game is pretty standard... very similar to other bike games out there. Use the Directional keys to control your bike - hit and hold on to the up directional key to accelerate. Press left and right to make your biker lean accordingly, and to slow down (believe me, you're gonna need to some time) hit the down directional button. To perform tricks, press 1, 2, or 3. There are many tricks to learn in FMX Team (for the newly learned stunts and bike tricks, press 4 and 5). Just in case you need to pause the game to attend to something, just press the space bar button. Nothing really complex or mind boggling as far as controls go. Now, let's check out the game...

FMX Team Walkthrough

Online BMX and bike games - if you are looking for excitement minus the violence and gore (which is almost given when playing online game genres like shooting and stick man games), online BMX bike games are guaranteed to give you the dose of thrill and action you are looking for. FMX Team is one of the more popular and better BMX bike games that will surely keep you on the edge of your seats for the hours to come.

Managing a team of bikers (you have 3 bikers at your disposal by the way), the goal in this game is to make it through 15 different levels of freestyle motocross. All of your bikers need to go through each level... do the math and that means you have 45 levels to deal with.

Every biker gains experience as you perform stunts, keep the air time as long as possible, and everything else in between. Once your biker has reached the desired experience points, he will learn a new stunt or trick, which means more chances of bagging more experience points. The challenge here is to unlock all of stunts and gain the maximum number of points possible.

The 3 Bikers: Your 3 bikers - Dyson, Travis, and Rossi have distinct characteristics. The most balanced and therefore, most manageable (at least in my opinion), is Travis. His initial speed and acceleration are fairly balanced. The bike weight is easy to handle as well as his biking skills. HOWEVER, as I have mentioned before, all 3 riders need to go through a level... this is necessary for them to gain experience. That means you need to deal with the other bikers too even if the stunts, flips, etc. are a little hard to pull off using them.

Well, at least you can study their statistics... giving you some ideas how to play with them. By the way, Dyson is the most troublesome biker for me. He seems too heavy for my slow reflexes and his maximum speed is too much for me to handle. Anyway, if you are looking for BMX games that will keep you busy for quite some time, FMX Team will surely be up to the task (just don't flip and crash). I believe the sequel FMX Team 2 is out. Check it out and have fun!