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Excitebike Instructions

Excitebike is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The spacebar is used to set your initial speed at the start of each game. Tap the A and S keys to gain speed. Use the arrow keys with the A and S keys to perform tricks. Use the mouse to interact with the game's menus and to select how many trucks you want to jump in Daredevil mode.

Excitebike Walkthrough

Excitebike is a Flash version of the classic Nintendo motocross game of the same name. This motorcycle game features graphics and sounds from the original Nintendo version of Excitebike, but its gameplay and controls are different.

The original Excitebike, which was a launch title of the Nintendo Entertainment System, featured two primary game modes and a track design tool. This Flash version of the bike game contains three game modes: Race Game, Daredevil, and Endless with gameplay and controls that are different from the NES game or its console ports. Unfortunately, there is no track editor in the Flash game.

The first of the three game modes in this motorcycle game is Race Game. Your objective in this mode is to finish the race in first place. When you first begin the race, you must use the spacebar to stop the bar and set your starting speed. From then on, your speed will be determined by the number of points that you have racked up. Performing tricks will increase your score, and thus increase your speed. Just try not to botch a trick, or you will fall off of your bike and you may lose the lead!

The second mode featured in the Flash version of Excitebike is Daredevil. In Daredevil mode, you are tasked with jumping over a set number of trucks. Before jumping, you must use your mouse to select how many trucks you want to try to jump over. To begin your jump, press the spacebar to stop the bar and set your initial speed. Tap the A and S keys to build up speed before hitting the ramp. If you fail to build u enough speed, you will certainly crash in this mode of the bike game, so be sure to tap those A and S keys furiously!

The final mode of this motocross game is Endless mode. In Endless mode, your objective is to perform as many tricks as you can to attain a high score. Like in Race Game mode, the higher your score, the faster you will go. This mode of Excitebike will end when you crash.

Excitebike is a fun bike game, but fans of the original NES version of Excitebike will probably be disappointed since its gameplay has few similarities . Give this Flash version of Excitebike a try if you are interested in playing a fun bike game, but if you are looking for nostalgia, you will have to find it elsewhere, sadly.