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Drag Bike Manager 2 Instructions

Point and click to manage your racing team - compete, purchase better bikes, and hire new racers in this sequel. When racing, use the up and down arrow keys to change gears, the CTRL key to use NOS, and the spacebar to accelerate.

Drag Bike Manager 2 Walkthrough

In this sequel to Drag Bike Manager 2, you'll be pitted against every other racer in town - all the while building a team of racers, purchasing bikes and upgrades, and managing your cash. To get started though, you'll first have to purchase a bike. Click the bike button on the bottom part of the screen to purchase one with the money you start though, although you won't have much to choose from.

Next, you'll have to activate the bike you've just purchased. You can do this by going to your garage - select the garage on the map and select the particular bike. Keep in mind that you have to do this every time you buy a new bike - so make sure you don't forget.

After you've purchased and activated your first bike, you'll have to hire a racer. You can find them on the map, at the coffee shop. Once you've hired a racer, you'll finally ready for your first race! The entrance fee for each race is $500, so keep that in mind, but once you've won a few races, you'll have tons of money to spend on upgrades, umbrella girls to keep your racers in top condition, and new bikes to own the competition.

There are two methods of racing - in story mode, where you have to beat all of your rivals to win, or free mode, where you'll race according to difficulty (easy, intermediate, hard). Try out both to get the most out of Drag Bike Manager 2, since both modes have their ups and downs, but after you've selected a racing mode, it's finally time to race!

Racing in Drag Bike Manager 2, unlike most bike games, is quite simple - hold down the spacebar to accelerate, once you've hit a high RPM hit the up arrow to shift to a higher gear, and keep shifting up until you reach your max speed. Depending on how good your bike runs and the condition of your racer, you'll either win or lose. If you upgrade your bike so it can use NOS, you'll definitely have an edge on the competition - but it's expensive.