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Diesel and Death Instructions

In the controls department, there's nothing new or unique about Diesel And Death. It's the same old control scheme of motorcycle games that we all got used to: just use your arrow keys for basic movement. Press the left and right buttons to move to those directions. The up directional key, on the other hand, is for jumping. This comes handy when there are humps along the way and for dodging enemy projectiles. Power ups is a crucial part of this game... REALLY crucial if I may add. I would go as far as saying that winning is impossible if you can't use your power ups right. Anyway, to use the power up you picked up in the race track, just press the down arrow key or the space bar key. Either buttons should get the job done. Anyway, that's about it. Onto the game...

Diesel and Death Walkthrough

Filled with stunts and road-blazing action, motorcycle games are, without a doubt, VERY fun to play. HOWEVER, when you toss in power ups that can tip the tide of a very close race along with nice looking graphics, motorcycle games are no longer fun. They get EXTREMELY addictive!

And if you are searching high and low for the motorcycle game that will keep you playing hour after hour, then look no further. Here it is, Diesel And Death. As with any motorcycle game, the objective is to win the race. HOWEVER, Diesel And Death can be won in 2 ways: (1) Race through the junk yard and reach the finish line first before Diesel does, who is the AI racer. (2) On the other hand, you can grab a power up, perhaps a grenade or a nuke, and obliterate your opponent with it. That's an instant win!

I don't know about you BUT the second way to win sounds like 10 times more fun than the first one! Power ups are essential in this motorcycle game. Just when you are on the verge of losing, a well timed nuke can win the race for you in a moment's notice. HOWEVER, be careful. The AI opponent, Diesel, can also pick up these power ups and use it himself. I think a crash course about the available weapons and power ups in this game is essential if you want to have any chance of winning. Check this out:

Flame Thrower: Well, the name says it all I suppose. This mid ranged weapon's specialty is to spit out flame, and make sure your opponent is barbecued. As marvelous as that sounds, be reminded that you can only effectively use it if your opponent is in front of you.

The Sludge: So you are racing toe to toe and your opponent is just an inch behind you? Want to make sure he never catches up? Well, the sludge is yours for the taking. Throw enough slime and sludge to your opponent's motor, and the next thing you know, his motor will crash.

Turbo: Gives you temporary BUT amazing speed boost. I guess there's nothing more to say.

Shield: When your opponent is hiding something nasty and devastating, say a grenade or a nuke... a power up that could destroy your hopes of winning the race, the shield will come to the rescue. This gives you temporary invulnerability to whatever your opponent throws at you. Remember, however, that this needs to be activated by pressing the power up button.

Nail Gun: When your opponent, Diesel, is about to dart for his way to victory, a quick and well-timed use of a nail gun can help your turnaround the tables. Firing nails in rapid fire fashion, making short work of his motorcycle's engine and tires is as easy as pie.

Grenade: Send this 'gift' to your 'friend', and see him flying sky high.

Nuke: What?! So the explosive and destructive power of the grenade is NOT enough? For folks who want to take devastation to the next level, here's the NUKE! A power up which is many times more powerful than your average grenade, this makes sure the race ends not with a bang... BUT with a BOOM!

Repair Kit: If you have sustained quite a bit of damage and you think you can't survive til the race ends, don't fret. There's the repair kit that will help you fill up your health bar. Be reminded, though, that against something as powerful and destructive as the Nuke, there's nothing the repair kit can do.

Summing things up, Diesel And Death is one of those motorcycle games that is MORE about having fun... pure doses of fun and violence rather than winning a race. The latter is more like an incentive for doing a good job of disposing your enemy while you're at the race track. Set your boring afternoons on fire with Diesel And Death!