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Dare Devil 2 Instructions

Dare Devil 2 is controlled with the keyboard. Acceleration and breaking are controlled by the up and down arrow keys. The player leans their bike left and right by using the left and right arrow keys. The A, S, and D keys are used to perform bike stunts: Bike Rotation, Bar Rotation, and Superman, respectively. Finally, the Spacebar key is used to begin play after the initial preview of the level, and the Ctrl key is used to open the bike customization menu.

Dare Devil 2 Walkthrough

Dare Devil 2 is a bike game where the player performs jumps over obstacles. It is the second game in the Dare Devil series. Dare Devil 2 offers much faster-paced gameplay than its predecessor, as well as more-challenging jumps. Although the game is more challenging than the first Dare Devil, a portion of the player's health bar is refilled after each successful jump, making the game much more forgiving.

The object of Dare Devil 2 is to jump over obstacles without crashing. This is a simple concept, but very challenging to do. To begin each level, the camera will pan across the obstacle course, giving the player a chance to plan their actions before running the course. A successful jump will reward the player with bike points which can be used to customize and upgrade the player's motorcycle. Believe me, these upgrades are absolutely necessary. By the second level, you will realize this fact because if you haven't upgraded, you will almost certainly crash!

You should however, be careful when buying powerups. Once you've clicked the button to purchase an upgrade, you cannot get your bike point back. If you bought the wrong upgrade for the level, you might not be able to beat it, and you will have to start over from the very beginning of the game. Speed is a very important upgrade in order to clear large gaps, but you also need to have a proper balance of weight and suspension on your motorcycle. Suspension makes it easier to control your bike once you've hit the ground after a large jump, and weight makes it easier to control your bike in the air.

If you're looking for a challenging bike game to pass the time, Dare Devil 2 will definitely keep you entertained.