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Dare Devil Instructions

So your keyboard is all good and working? Yeah? COOL! Playing Dare Devil should be a piece of cake then: (1) To drive forward, just press the up arrow key. Hold it down to accelerate and drive at top speeds. (2) Performing a wheelie, on the other hand, requires that you press the left arrow key while you are driving forward (3) Should you need to lean to the right, just press the right arrow key, and hold it down to pull off a 360 spin. (4) To slow down or step on the brakes, just press the down arrow key. Trust me, you are going to press the brake keys a lot especially after speeding through a ramp or pulling off a stunt. Make the mistake of not pressing it enough and you will find you and your motorcycle banging on the dead end HARD! And, by the way, that means you need to start from square one! Now that we are done with the basic movement controls, let's get to something that's MORE advanced: the stunts and tricks. Judging by the game's name, Dare Devil, pulling off breath-taking stunts and tricks is what you will be doing most of the time. (1) For executing a bike rotation, just hit the A button. (2) Pressing the S key, on the other hand, performs a bar rotation. (3) To pull off that jaw-dropping Superman, press D. (4) And lastly, to execute the much loved and well-known 360, just press or hold either the left or right arrow key. For those of you who are NOT aware, you MUST execute stunts while you are in mid air. Doing that on the ground is an excellent way of slamming your head and face on the race track. OUCH!

Dare Devil Walkthrough

All of us have an inner performer... the side of us that wants to please the crowd and make them ROAR with amazement. HOWEVER, not all of us gets the chance to pull that off. Well, at least settle for the next best thing: in Dare Devil, you can perform in front of the crowd! This is one of those motorcycle games where you need to earn the audience's adoration by showcasing your mad driving and stunt skills. With the bike rotation, bar rotation, superman, and 360 in your arsenal of tricks, you can surely make the crowd go wild and rack up points in the process.

The tracks in this game have been built from the ground up... prepared for your breath-taking show. You will find a lot of slopes. There are a lot of road hazards to avoid, obstacles, and those are just to name a few. The obstacles are very varied - they could be anything from fire cans situated between the ramps (one misstep and you're toast bro!); to lined up cars located between the ramps, and MORE!

Having the RIGHT speed is very important in this game. If you are not fast enough, it's easy to find your motorcycle not catching enough air to make it to the other side of the ramp. Hold down that up arrow key to accelerate and drive at top speeds. When you pull off a successful jump and reach the finish line, you will get to the next level.

One thing I like about this motorcycle game is the upgrade option. Each time you conquer a track and WOW the crowd, you earn upgrade points. Naturally, you don't want them to go to waste. Whenever you have one available, use it right immediately. There are no cumulative effect sfor upgrades that are piled up together... the effect would still be the same have you taken the 'a la carte' so to speak. Back then, I made the mistake of not touching these upgrade options. The result? I found my motorcycle's speed and acceleration to be unsatisfactory. I wasn't able to successfully speed through and leap to the other side of the ramp. Remember, after entering a level, you can no longer upgrade your motorcycle's stats.

Get that done before you even start a level!

With a life bar that has about 5 lives, this is one of those motorcycle games that leave very little room for error. It's easy to find those lives dwindling down to nothing if you are not careful. And just in case you don't know, once that runs out, the game is over... you need to start it all over again.

Beefed up with nice tracks filled with obstacles, a stunt-centered game play that will test your driving skills and tricks, and graphics that are MORE than OK (especially for a flash game), lovers of motorcycle games should really check this game out!