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Rating: 4.61/5 stars (859 ratings)

Cyclo Maniacs Instructions

Use 'w' or up arrow key to move forward. Use 's' or down arrow key to brake. Use 'a' or left arrow key to lean back on bike. Use 'd' or right arrow key to lean forward on bike. Use 'space' to jump.

Cyclo Maniacs Walkthrough

Cyclo Maniacs is one heck of a BMX bike game. It draws you in from the very beginning and makes you want to know what comes next with each new level you complete. From different characters and vehicles you can unlock to new and interesting worlds, this game offers just about everything you could ever want in a BMX bike game.

It can be said that the graphics in Cyclo Maniacs are a little low quality but a game this engrossing doesn't need to rely on flashy graphics to entertain its players. What keeps you going is the challenge that's placed in front of you and the desire to unlock the next player and take them for a spin. Each new level presents its own unique obstacles and it's own cast of competing characters to keep you racing for the top spot. Getting to number one isn't as easy as you may think but it can be done if you have the patience to hone your skills and get used to the controls.

The great thing about Cyclo Maniacs is that it not only uses the standard arrow key navigation most BMX bikes games do, but also the 'w' 'a' 's' 'd' navigational controls standard in other genres of game as well. If you are a newcomer to the BMX bike game genre and are having trouble getting the hang of the arrow key controls, you can use the navigational controls you are more comfortable with to get the hang of the game courses and then try out the arrow keys to get used to those as well. That will make moving on to more challenging games in this genre much easier.

Cyclo Maniacs isn't just content to let you unlock new riders, vehicles and levels though. Instead, you can also work toward achievements and chart your progress through either the main screen or at the completion of each level. This is a great idea for more advanced players who find the game a little too easy. Working towards achievements is a great way to challenge yourself to keep playing.

Overall, this is an excellent game for anyone regardless of whether they are new to the genre or an avid player. Keep in mind, in every level there are certain things you need to accomplish before you can move on to the next stage. In the beginning of the game, those challengers are fairly easy to meet. Later in the game, however, things get a little trickier. Stick with it though. This is a game well worth playing and the payoff at the end of the game is worth the effort it will take you to get there.