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Construction Yard Bike Instructions

Use the up arrow key to move forward, the down arrow key to move back, the left arrow key to lean back on the bike and the right arrow key to lean forward on the bike. Change the direction of your bike by pressing 'space'

Construction Yard Bike Walkthrough

Construction Yard Bike is a BMX bike game that is somewhat similar to Spring Bike but much, much more challenging. This is the perfect game for someone who likes good graphics and likes a game to be challenging but not impossible to get through. The game is difficult from the beginning as you have to navigate over all manner of construction site related obstacles without crashing. Much easier said than done.

Those that play BMX bike games on a regular basis may find the first few levels of Construction Yard Bike a bit easy, but it will likely still present enough of a challenge to keep you interested and keep you playing. Beginning won't find the game so challenging that they won't feel they're able to get to the next level. In truth, the game isn't really all that difficult if you take a little time to get used to what you need to do to clear certain obstacles. For some, hitting them at a high speed is important. For others, approaching slowly and climbing them at a steady, slow speed is important. Otherwise, you'll flip over backwards and have to start again.

One of the best things about Construction Yard Bike is the frequent save points. Although you might crash a lot - especially in the harder levels late in the game - you rarely lose a lot of ground in the overall scheme of things. If you reach at least one save point before you crash, you won't have to start over from the beginning of the level or worse, the beginning of the game. This means you have more chance to tackle that problem obstacle as many times as you need to without having to redo other problem obstacles you ran into earlier in the game.

The graphics in Construction Yard Bike, like those in Spring Bike, are pretty impressive. It's clear a lot of time was spent making this game look nice and it paid off. The game backdrops are well put together but, at times, can distract from game play. That is, of course, the point though. You need to focus on keeping your bike level and navigating obstacles, but when you aren't sure whether a mountain, building or piece of equipment you are approaching is part of the game or part of the background that can be difficult. There are also parts in the game when you will have to clear an obstacle in just the right way or you won't be able to make it further. One obstacle will need to be cleared so you can get to the next obstacle or the next piece of track. That often means you have to hit the first obstacle with enough speed to carry you over the next one. The good thing is, that usually isn't all that difficult to do if you back track a little bit.

Overall, this is a great BMX bike game for anyone interested in this genre. It takes a little skill, a little logic and a lot of patience, but it is well worth it. Construction Yard Bike is highly recommended.