Stunt Games

BMX, bike, and motorcycle stunts - they have the power to awe people and it's NOT surprising why. Defying gravity and pulling off 360s in midair, back flipping while looking at the audience, professional stuntmen taking their legs off of the vehicle while they are sent 30 feet off of the ground, and those are just to name a few!

The spectator could only dream of pulling off those stunts themselves. BUT then, as they say: "Kids, don't try this at home!" I don't know about you BUT I'm not about to risk my neck or break my face in an attempt to look cool and pull off those stunts.

Worry not though. to get you a step closer to the experience. With the top motorcycle and BMX stunt games we have here, you are guaranteed to get pure doses of stunt fun all day long.

Want to create your own levels, fill it with obstacles, play, race, and pull off stunts on it, and even share it with friends? Want to see how many stunts you can perform in a minute and check how you stack up against other enthusiasts? Want to be the motorcycle stuntman in training, and go to school learn the tricks and the ropes? You can find it all here!

Top Stunt Games

Play BMX Master

#1: BMX Master


BMX Master is an entertaining BMX bike game that challenges you to get as many points as you can either in 'championship' mode or 'time challenge' mode. Regardless of which mode you choose, you're sure to have fun. The...

Number of plays: 3,128,488

Play Free Rider 2

#2: Free Rider 2


Free Rider 2 is as much of a flash game as it is a game builder. In it, you'll be able to construct your own open-ended race tracks, vehicle paths, and launching ramps that anyone else can play, as...

Number of plays: 1,540,584

Play Military Rush

#3: Military Rush


With only three lives to start with, Military Rush is one game you won't want to be reckless in. Besides the fact that you pretty much have to if you want to have any fun - you'll be driving...

Number of plays: 679,260

Play BMX Extreme

#4: BMX Extreme


BMX Extreme is an entertaining and addictive BMX game that will challenge you to perform as many tricks as you can in the time allowed to attempt to get a high score. The controls are easy to learn, the graphics...

Number of plays: 537,130

Play Icycle

#5: Icycle


Icycle isn't really a BMX bike game in the traditional sense of the word, but is rather a puzzle, strategy game that combines elements of more traditional BMX bikes games into the mix. This game really offers something for...

Number of plays: 481,532

Play Construction Yard Bike

#6: Construction Yard Bike


Construction Yard Bike is a BMX bike game that is somewhat similar to Spring Bike but much, much more challenging. This is the perfect game for someone who likes good graphics and likes a game to be challenging but...

Number of plays: 447,553

Play BMX Pro Style

#7: BMX Pro Style


BMX Pro Style is one of the harder BMX games online but it is also one of the most entertaining. The level of difficulty may be high, but that's really what makes it so addictive. The premise is fairly common...

Number of plays: 388,807

Play Dirt Bike 2

#8: Dirt Bike 2


Dirt Bike 2 is like other bike games in a sense that you're controlling one - but you're not going to be racing. The first level of Dirt Bike 2 has you climbing of obstacles like heavy construction equipment,...

Number of plays: 380,463

Play Trial Bike Pro

#9: Trial Bike Pro


In Trial Bike Pro the object is simple - get through the junk yard to the finish line and avoid crashing. It is a bit more difficult in practice though. Throughout the game you are presented with a variety...

Number of plays: 345,688

Play Cyclo Maniacs

#10: Cyclo Maniacs


Cyclo Maniacs is one heck of a BMX bike game. It draws you in from the very beginning and makes you want to know what comes next with each new level you complete. From different characters and vehicles you...

Number of plays: 335,924

Play Spring Bike

#11: Spring Bike


Although for some gamers Spring Bike may be a bit too basic for a good BMX bike game, but if you stick it out through the first few levels, it gets fairly challenging. The obstacles are easy in the beginning...

Number of plays: 322,590

Play BMX Ramp

#12: BMX Ramp


BMX Ramp is an excellent and addictive BMX game that challenges you to perform as many stunts as you can in the time allowed with more points being awarded for more difficult stunts. With two modes of play to choose...

Number of plays: 314,593

Play Stunt Master

#13: Stunt Master


In the world of BMX games, Stunt Master is about as good as it gets. There's lots of action, lots of destruction and plenty of challenge for any fan of the genre regardless of their skill or experience level. This...

Number of plays: 301,991

Play Stunt Biker

#14: Stunt Biker


In Stunt Biker you begin the game as an ordinary biker going through school to become a stunt biker. As the game progresses, you will audition for jobs, film scenes as part of your new stunt biking career. The...

Number of plays: 246,040

Play Stick BMX Madness

#15: Stick BMX Madness


Stick BMX Madness is the ultimate BMX bike game for those who are looking for a good challenge, great graphics and an all around entertaining game. While the graphics are fairly basic, they are exactly what they should for...

Number of plays: 235,290

Play BMX Park

#16: BMX Park


BMX Park isn't your typical BMX game. Instead of putting you on one side of the screen and challenging you to ride over obstacles and perform tricks as you try to get to the other side of the screen, this...

Number of plays: 227,024

Play Stunt Bike Deluxe

#17: Stunt Bike Deluxe


Stunt Bike Deluxe is a flash game that will take you by the seat of your pants - with plenty of different levels to complete, different bikes and ATV's to unlock, you'll need some patience to see the later...

Number of plays: 225,125

Play Stunt Bike Pro

#18: Stunt Bike Pro


Stunt Bike Pro is much like many of the other BMX bike games out there, but it is a bit more challenging in that you really have to take advantage of leaning forward and back on your bike to...

Number of plays: 212,548

Play Sik Trix BMX

#19: Sik Trix BMX


Sik Trix BMX is one of the most entertaining, engrossing and entirely addictive BMX games online. It is everything a bike game should be and more. The game is difficult, the graphics are fun and the unlockable features are a...

Number of plays: 210,844

Play Jump Gear 2

#20: Jump Gear 2


Jump Gear 2 is a fun and addictive BMX bike game that does things a little differently than other BMX bike games. Instead of being the typical person on a BMX bike you are a little creature on gears....

Number of plays: 210,818

Play Neon Rider

#21: Neon Rider


Neon Rider is a BMX game that does things a little differently than most of the other BMX games online. Instead of simply challenging you to drive your bike around the twist and turns in the track, this game will...

Number of plays: 204,128

Play Bike Adventures

#22: Bike Adventures


Bike Adventures is more a survival game than anything else - while you'll be racing your way through a bunch of different levels, collecting bonus coins for extra points, the obstacles and obstructions you'll be racing over are nothing...

Number of plays: 202,541

Play Alex Trax

#23: Alex Trax


Alex Trax is a great BMX bike game that is challenging enough to keep even the avid gamer playing but not so challenging that beginners can't enjoy it. The graphics are fun and more detailed than the graphics in...

Number of plays: 198,843

Play Shark Bike

#24: Shark Bike


Shark Bike is a simple bike game where you have three lives to race through as many levels as you possibly can. To increase your score, you'll be able to pick up bonus fish while racing through levels, and...

Number of plays: 198,775

Play Nitro Ninjas

#25: Nitro Ninjas


Nitro Ninjas is the type of BMX game that focuses on the action and everything you love about BMX games without throwing in a lot of extras to make the game seem more complicated. Your goal is simple. Make it...

Number of plays: 190,760

Play BMX Backflips

#26: BMX Backflips


BMX Backflips is an entertaining and surprisingly addictive BMX game that challenges you to meet the goals posed to you in each level so that you can progress to the next level. The level goals are really what sets this...

Number of plays: 190,110

Play Stunt Bike Draw 3

#27: Stunt Bike Draw 3


Stunt Bike Draw 3 is the third game in the Stunt Bike Draw series, and it does not disappoint by any means. Unlike most bike games, you'll be drawing the jumps and ramps you land on in this game,...

Number of plays: 179,079

Play FMX Team 2

#28: FMX Team 2


FMX Team 2 is a sequel to the popular flash game FMX Team - a moto-cross game where you'll be racing against others, progressing on to the next race, and performing mid-air tricks to gain points. In FMX Team...

Number of plays: 176,814

Play Motobots

#29: Motobots


Motobots is a bike game where you're controlling a robot-rider, the motobot. You'll race against other motobots and compete for championship cups, all the while avoiding the perils of every track you'll be speeding through. Land upside or lean...

Number of plays: 158,886

Play Bike Challenge

#30: Bike Challenge


Bike Challenge is an excellent BMX bike game that is both challenging but not entirely unbeatable. Getting used to controlling your bike will likely take a little time, but if you have the patience and a little experience with...

Number of plays: 151,634

Play Stunt Dirt Bike

#31: Stunt Dirt Bike


Stunt Dirt Bike is easily one of the best BMX games online simply because it is challenging without being complicated of loaded down with a lot of extra features. Anyone, regardless of skill or experience level in the BMX game...

Number of plays: 140,568

Play Line Rider

#32: Line Rider


Line Rider is an entertaining and unique BMX game that allows you to make and play on a track you design yourself. This is far from the typical BMX game in that you don't actually control your character as it...

Number of plays: 139,891

Play FMX Team

#33: FMX Team


Online BMX and bike games - if you are looking for excitement minus the violence and gore (which is almost given when playing online game genres like shooting and stick man games), online BMX bike games are guaranteed to give...

Number of plays: 139,415

Play Stick BMX Challenge

#34: Stick BMX Challenge


Stick BMX Challenge is a great game that combines the fun of stick figure games and the appeal of BMX bike games into a challenging game anyone will love playing. The first level is your introduction to the game...

Number of plays: 134,791

Play Stickman Freeride

#35: Stickman Freeride


Stickman Freeride is a bike game that is perfect for casual gamers. This bike game features simple, but well-designed graphics, fifteen courses, eighteen achievements. The objective of Stickman Freeride is to complete each course as quickly as possible. You have unlimited...

Number of plays: 132,759

Play BMX Boy

#36: BMX Boy


BMX Boy is a challenging but entertaining BMX game that will keep you playing game after game. While it follows the same basic premise as most of the other BMX games online, this one if different because it really ups...

Number of plays: 131,033

Play Bike Rush

#37: Bike Rush


Bike Rush is a very simple bike game where you have to get from point A to point B with as little damage as possible. Or, in this case, no damage - even the slightest fall will prompt the...

Number of plays: 130,458

Play Mountain Rider

#38: Mountain Rider


Mountain Rider isn't really the best game out there for someone who has a lot of experience playing BMX bike games and is looking for a challenge. The game isn't really all that difficult and someone who knows their...

Number of plays: 122,094

Play Mo'bike 2!

#39: Mo'bike 2!


Mo'bike 2 is a BMX bike game unlike any other I have played and that's part of why I like it so much. I also like that the creators of this game didn't just settle for doing something different...

Number of plays: 114,171

Play BMX Tricks

#40: BMX Tricks


Just when you think you've played every type of BMX game the internet has to offer a game like BMX Tricks and blows your theory out of the water. This game is unique, creative and most importantly, entertaining. You'll have...

Number of plays: 112,453

Play Free Rider

#41: Free Rider


Free Rider is an excellent BMX game for anyone who is tired of playing variations of the same BMX games and is looking to try something different. It's also a great option for someone who isn't satisfied with the level...

Number of plays: 110,708

Play Uphill Rush 4

#42: Uphill Rush 4


Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth game in the Uphill Rush series of extreme sports games. Uphill Rush 4 features six cups of three courses each, two gameplay modes, and high-paced gameplay. Uphill Rush 4 features two modes of gameplay: Time...

Number of plays: 104,251

Play Uphill Rush 3

#43: Uphill Rush 3


The goal in this game is still the same with most BMX bike games and previous installments of Uphill Rush - race through the tracks, get a boost from ramps, go through loops, do crazy stunts, and everything else... just...

Number of plays: 98,201

Play Jump Gear

#44: Jump Gear


Jump Gear might not be the most challenging BMX bike game available, but is is definitely one of the most unique and one of the most fun. In this game, you have to navigate through rolling hills to reach...

Number of plays: 92,624

Play Stunt Cycle

#45: Stunt Cycle


Stunt Cycle is no easy bike game by any stretch of the imagination. It will take skill, strategy and timing to successfully land a jump and trying to do so can definitely get frustrating. Your goal is actually pretty simple;...

Number of plays: 91,277

Play CycloManiacs 2

#46: CycloManiacs 2


CycloManiacs 2 is the sequel to the 2009 bike racing game, CycloManiacs. This game features improved graphics, fifty new characters, and a plethora of powerups to be unlocked! That's right, this is a huge game. CycloManiacs 2 builds off of the...

Number of plays: 74,328

Play Stunt Bike Draw 2

#47: Stunt Bike Draw 2


Stunt Bike Draw 2 is a unique game that you probably haven't played before - unless you've played the prequel, Stunt Bike Draw. In both games the player draws launching and landing ramps for the rider. In Stunt Bike...

Number of plays: 68,393

Play Downhill Mayhem

#48: Downhill Mayhem


It's all about going downhill and pulling off stunts! This is Downhill Mayhem. The objective of the game is very simple and straightforward: you are placed on a track... a very rocky one with lots of ups and downs. You...

Number of plays: 68,142

Play Motocross FMX

#49: Motocross FMX


So you are searching through the net for that motorcycle game where pulling off 360s, front and back wheelies, keeping your motorcycle airborne, etc. is just as important as stability and speed? Well, you are in for a treat folks....

Number of plays: 60,136

Play TG Motocross 3

#50: TG Motocross 3


Personally, I'm a huge fan of games by David Thorburn... that's especially true for his bike games on Teagames. TG Motocross 3 is not an exception. This bike game is a sequel to TG Motocross and TG Motocross 2. Having...

Number of plays: 56,652

Play X Stunt Bike

#51: X Stunt Bike


The goal in X Stunt Bike is pretty straightforward - you need to take part in X Stunt Bike Game tournaments (there are 8 levels and tournaments to take part in). All of the other levels in the game are...

Number of plays: 56,614

Play Dare Devil

#52: Dare Devil


All of us have an inner performer... the side of us that wants to please the crowd and make them ROAR with amazement. HOWEVER, not all of us gets the chance to pull that off. Well, at least settle for...

Number of plays: 54,964

Play Uphill Rush

#53: Uphill Rush


BMX games, this genre has been known for being a lot of fun BUT not too complicated - no mind boggling puzzles, no hard to fathom background stories, none whatsoever. Uphill Rush is a BMX Bike Game that will keep...

Number of plays: 52,889

Play Uphill Rush 2

#54: Uphill Rush 2


So you are a huge fan of Uphill Rush? Want more and can't get enough of bike games? No BIGGIE, the creators of Uphill Rush are back with an even better, more glittery, better looking game that comes with better...

Number of plays: 52,033

Play Bike Champ

#55: Bike Champ


Bike Champ is no easy BMX game. There is a lot to it and that's really what makes it so appealing. Newcomers to BMX games are going to have a hard time making it through the first few levels but...

Number of plays: 48,449

Play Manic Rider

#56: Manic Rider


No complicated background stories, the controls are just right, nothing fancy, or complex - this is a bike game which is all about pulling off stunts. The goal of this physics based BMX bike is to get your bike to...

Number of plays: 47,634

Play Dare Devil 2

#57: Dare Devil 2


Dare Devil 2 is a bike game where the player performs jumps over obstacles. It is the second game in the Dare Devil series. Dare Devil 2 offers much faster-paced gameplay than its predecessor, as well as more-challenging jumps. Although...

Number of plays: 47,408

Play Stunt Bike Draw

#58: Stunt Bike Draw


Stunt Bike Draw is a combination of bike game and drawing game. Stunt Bike Draw features decent graphics, three difficulty levels, and simple controls. The objective of Stunt Bike Draw is to clear each course without causing the daredevil to...

Number of plays: 47,327

Play Bike Champ 2

#59: Bike Champ 2


Bike Champ 2 is the follow up game to the wildly popular Bike Champ BMX game. While the game is almost identical in many ways, from the graphics to the levels and obstacles you'll face, it is different in many...

Number of plays: 46,579

Play Pencil Racer

#60: Pencil Racer


Pencil Racer is the sort of BMX game that really allows you to let your imagination run wild. You start with a blank game screen with only your options panel at the bottom and build the track that you will...

Number of plays: 45,503

Play Pencil Racer 3: Drive It

#61: Pencil Racer 3: Drive It


Pencil Racer was one of the most unique and creative 'build your own track' BMX games online but Pencil Racer 3: Drive It goes above and beyond, taking the foundation laid out by the original game and expanding on it...

Number of plays: 45,019

Play Risky Rider

#62: Risky Rider


Risky Rider is a daredevil motorcycle game. Risky Rider features well-polished graphics, simply controls, numerous upgrades, and addictive gameplay. The goal of Risky Rider is to perform jumps over obstacles without crashing. If you successfully perform the jumps, you will proceed...

Number of plays: 44,443

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