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Set the road on fire with's top racing games! If you can't go for the REAL thing - grab a top of the line motorcycle, customize it, take it to the racing circuits and win races with it, don't worry. gives you the next best thing to actually racing.

Want to play racing games where you have truckloads of customization options - from motorcycle parts, characters to play, race tracks to set fire, and everything else in between?

Want to fulfill your dream of creating your own racing team - beefing up their motorcycles with upgrades, going up against other team of racers, managing your cash, and finally dominating the motorcycle racing scene?

What about playing motorbike racing games in 3D instead of 2D? Sounds nice? Yeah? Cool! As long as you are looking for racing games, has a game that will whet your appetite. Check out our top bike and motorcycle racing games section and see what's in store for you!

Mind you, only the best of the best bike racing games and the most played ones make it to our top list. You are guaranteed that each racing game means hours and hours of pure racing fun!

Top Racing Games

Play Drag Bike Manager 2

#1: Drag Bike Manager 2


In this sequel to Drag Bike Manager 2, you'll be pitted against every other racer in town - all the while building a team of racers, purchasing bikes and upgrades, and managing your cash. To get started though, you'll...

Number of plays: 372,400

Play Cyclo Maniacs

#2: Cyclo Maniacs


Cyclo Maniacs is one heck of a BMX bike game. It draws you in from the very beginning and makes you want to know what comes next with each new level you complete. From different characters and vehicles you...

Number of plays: 335,924

Play 3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe

#3: 3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe


3d Motorcycle isn't your usual flash bike game - and you can tell just by looking at the name. Instead of racing in a 2d environment, you'll be racing in a 3d one, and that makes this game unique...

Number of plays: 216,846

Play Uphill Rush 4

#4: Uphill Rush 4


Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth game in the Uphill Rush series of extreme sports games. Uphill Rush 4 features six cups of three courses each, two gameplay modes, and high-paced gameplay. Uphill Rush 4 features two modes of gameplay: Time...

Number of plays: 104,253

Play Uphill Rush 3

#5: Uphill Rush 3


The goal in this game is still the same with most BMX bike games and previous installments of Uphill Rush - race through the tracks, get a boost from ramps, go through loops, do crazy stunts, and everything else... just...

Number of plays: 98,201

Play Coaster Racer 2

#6: Coaster Racer 2


Coaster Racer 2 is the sequel to 2010's Coaster Racer. Like its predecessor, it is a first-person 3D racing game. LongAnimals does not disappoint with this sequel. The charm of the original game is present, but this game is so...

Number of plays: 82,332

Play CycloManiacs 2

#7: CycloManiacs 2


CycloManiacs 2 is the sequel to the 2009 bike racing game, CycloManiacs. This game features improved graphics, fifty new characters, and a plethora of powerups to be unlocked! That's right, this is a huge game. CycloManiacs 2 builds off of the...

Number of plays: 74,328

Play TG Motocross 4

#8: TG Motocross 4


TG Motocross 4 is the fourth game in the TG Motocross series of motorcycle games. TG Motocross 4 features improved graphics over its predecessors, four new courses, and a wider variety of tricks to perform. The objective of TG Motocross 4...

Number of plays: 70,212

Play Neon Rider World

#9: Neon Rider World


Neon Rider World - if you are looking for bike games where good finger reflexes and reaction time trumps lightning fast speed, and where everything around you is Neon, this game is an excellent recommendation! Nah, you won't be racing...

Number of plays: 66,653

Play Uphill Rush

#10: Uphill Rush


BMX games, this genre has been known for being a lot of fun BUT not too complicated - no mind boggling puzzles, no hard to fathom background stories, none whatsoever. Uphill Rush is a BMX Bike Game that will keep...

Number of plays: 52,889

Play Uphill Rush 2

#11: Uphill Rush 2


So you are a huge fan of Uphill Rush? Want more and can't get enough of bike games? No BIGGIE, the creators of Uphill Rush are back with an even better, more glittery, better looking game that comes with better...

Number of plays: 52,033

Play Rex Racer

#12: Rex Racer


Rex Racer is an awesome bike game. What can be more awesome than a tyrannosaurus rex riding a motorcycle or ATV? This motorcycle game (or ATV game) features outstanding graphics, cool sound effects, and challenging gameplay. The objective of Rex Racer...

Number of plays: 50,161

Play Turbo Spirit

#13: Turbo Spirit


Turbo Spirit is a Flash motorcycle game reminiscent of Sega's classic motorcycle racing game, Hang-On. Turbo Spirit features pseudo-3D scaling graphics, easy controls, four tracks, and straightforward gameplay. The objective of Turbo Spirit is to complete each of the four tracks....

Number of plays: 47,971

Play Dirt Bike Championship

#14: Dirt Bike Championship


Dirt Bike Championship is a motorcycle game that pits you in a race against the computer. This bike game features simple controls, great graphics, and challenging gameplay. Unlike most motorcycle games of its type, Dirt Bike Championship puts you in a...

Number of plays: 45,879

Play Diesel and Death

#15: Diesel and Death


Filled with stunts and road-blazing action, motorcycle games are, without a doubt, VERY fun to play. HOWEVER, when you toss in power ups that can tip the tide of a very close race along with nice looking graphics, motorcycle games...

Number of plays: 43,430

Play Moto Rush

#16: Moto Rush


Moto Rush is a zany racing game with a plethora of wacky characters and vehicles. This motorcycle game features impressive graphics, nine cups, and three gameplay modes. The first gameplay mode in Moto Rush is Timed Mode. Timed Mode puts you...

Number of plays: 40,533

Play Turbo Spirit Gold

#17: Turbo Spirit Gold


Turbo Spirit Gold is a motorcycle game and the sequel to Turbo Spirit. Turbo Spirit Gold features improved graphics, additional mouse controls, and actual placing in the races. Like its predecessor, Turbo Spirit Gold's gameplay is similar to Sega's...

Number of plays: 39,596

Play Excitebike

#18: Excitebike


Excitebike is a Flash version of the classic Nintendo motocross game of the same name. This motorcycle game features graphics and sounds from the original Nintendo version of Excitebike, but its gameplay and controls are different. The original Excitebike, which was...

Number of plays: 38,173

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    Moto Rush is a zany racing game with a plethora of wacky characters and vehicles. This motorcycle game features impressive...

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    Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth game in the Uphill Rush series of extreme sports games. Uphill Rush 4 features...

  • TG Motocross 4 Thumbnail

    TG Motocross 4 is the fourth game in the TG Motocross series of motorcycle games. TG Motocross 4 features improved...

  • Moto Trial Fest 2 Thumbnail

    Moto Trial Fest 2 is the sequel to the motorcycle game, Moto Trial Fest. This bike game features improved graphics,...

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    Brave Boy is a bike game that follows a day in the life of the titular Brave Boy. This bicycle...

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    Do you have a daredevil in you, but you are afraid of breaking every bone in your body? If you...